Saving Lives Via Targeted Cancer Treatments & Via Dr. Clay Siegall

Targeted-cancer treatments has taken over the industry of cancer research. These are some of the most advanced cancer-fighting medications on the planet and for good reasons. Antibody-drug conjugates just so happens to be some of the top medications, and they are designed to attack cancer cells that are within the body. Once the medications attach themselves to the target, the medications will deliver a cell-killing blow. The name targeted-cancer treatments is the perfect personification of what it truly does. That can’t be said for many of the other cancer fighting medication of today.

Dr. Clay Siegall, CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics, is at the top of the ranks, especially when it comes to this subject. This brilliant-minded individual has made a huge name for himself thanks to his knowledge, his expertise, and his experience. “I’ve always been interested in medicine,” said Siegall. Restoring health to people who have received a dreaded terminal prognosis is the main goal. Siegall has held many prominent positions with some of the industry’s biggest of brands. In the back of his mine, he was still an employee, but he has a number of ideas that could shoot him to the top of the ranks. By owning your own patents, you can control your own products and this is why Siegall switched to playing ball with the big balls. Yes, his previous ideas were making money, but the money was going straight to the institution that he was working for. This is when Siegall decided to control his own destiny and as of today, he is currently the holder of multiple medical patents.

This man is a modern-day success story, and his many accomplishments can’t be disputed. Dr. Clay Siegall is in it to win it and Seattle Genetics is his personal weapon of choice.

Clay Siegall’s contribution to medicine

Clay Siegall is the co-founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics. Prior to founding this organization, he worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for six years and worked for the National Cancer Institute for three years. Throughout his career, Mr Siegall has showed interest in developing cancer treatment and therapies.

In co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall was able to make his dream come true. Seattle Genetics is a company that focuses on research and development of medical treatments. Under Mr Siegall’s leadership, the organization has been able to come up with a cancer treatment antibody- drug conjugates, ADC, for cancer treatment. Today, there are over 20 ADCs in clinical development that use Seattle Genetics’ technologies in their development. This is only one of their many successful research ventures that have propelled the medical field forward.

Clay Siegall is a PHD holder from George Washington University in Genetics. Since he has a background as a scientist, Mr Siegall has built Seattle Genetics on a foundation of scientific innovation. This is part of the reason why he and the team he works with are open to new ideas. This has enabled them to come up with new ideas that are considered to be problem solving in the field of science.

Every organization needs money to operate. As CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has spear headed many fund raising ventures to support the company. Through his leadership, the organization has managed to raise over 675 us dollars through public and private funding. This money has gone a long way in helping fund research that have contributed significantly to the products they have succeeded to launch in the market. The money raised has also helped ensure that researcher at Seattle Genetics have cutting edge equipment that make their work effective and efficient.

His fulfilment in his work is seeing new medical treatment floated into the market. Finding new ways to help patients get better and eradicate diseases is his joy. Because of this, he strives to lead his team to come up with innovative ways to help propel the medical field foreward.

OSI Group is Looking to Expand

The success of OSI Group has made their market one of the largest out there that anyone is currently looking at. They are the most successful food processor and that title isn’t easy to get. It took more than a century of hard work and strategy to get to this point. Even then they must work diligently to keep their position. This has meant going beyond meat to other products and seeking out new markets that they can use to produce an even larger sum of wealth. The end results are incredible and only cement their status in the world.

The array of options provided by OSI ranges from frozen meat to frozen dough. They have managed to build this impressive array of offers because they control a number of companies that can produce these goods when they need them. Others are not able to do this and they suffer in the market as a result. OSI has worked hard to maintain its reputation and it doesn’t want to see anyone do anything that might hamper that. They had to develop a reputation for quality and they have had to take the work necessary to defend that reputation as well.

OSI has so much more that it is trying to do and one of these things is sustainability. We know that the current way of doing food processing is hurting our society and ecosystem so there is a need to change things towards a more effective way of doing things. The fight to change things is very serious and it will take a long time before we finally reach the point of having a model that will last. That effort is going to take place over the course of time and will require the talents of many people to truly pull off.

OSI Group has already managed to produce so much success and it has a legacy it wants to maintain. You can’t look at their work and not notice that they’ve been at the cutting edge of everything we’ve seen since the 20th century. They have brought cryogenics into meat processing, expanded into other countries, and done so much more. The world is going to always need protein and it’s going to need someone who knows how to do their job well. That’s exactly what OSI can offer and how they will stay in business in the future to come.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Featured in Inspirey

One of the most interesting cosmetic brands – perhaps overall brands – I’ve come across lately is Lime Crime. The makeup line was founded by Doe Deere in 2008 and has gone from a tiny eBay store to a massive global company with over three million Instagram followers. Doe Deere is as creative as her makeup line. She is known for rocking brightly colored hair and her creative line of Lime Crime makeup.


Lime Crime is an incredible company. When it first started the company offered a line of lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters and a few accessories. When she initially started the company she was studying fashion and initially wanted to be a fashion designer. She had hand made her own clothes since she was young and wanted to share that talent with others. She kept having the feeling that she wasn’t on the perfect path for the rest of her life. After much consideration, she decided that making cosmetics was her true calling in life. She had originally registered the domain name of Lime Crime for her fashion line. However, when she decided that cosmetics were the true gold at the end of her rainbow, she immediately switched her domain name over to become a cosmetics line. Thus, Lime Crime got its start to what it became today.


According to a recent article, Doe Deere says that after she transitioned her company to a cosmetics line, and built a website instead of an eBay store, the company gained its first clients within just one year. Soon after, it became a profitable entity. The company continued to grow at a rapid pace until Doe started to hire more staff and do more social media marketing. She accelerated the growth of the business through a series of online videos where she hosted makeup tutorials. She also received thousands of referrals where fans of Lime Crime shared images of themselves wearing the brightly colored shades.


The company prides itself in putting out highly creative products and especially creating products that appeal to Generation Z. The mascot of Lime Crime is a beautiful unicorn. Doe Deere herself is referred to as the Queen of the Unicorns. She chose the mascot because a unicorn is a brightly painted creature in a world that is full of plain, regular horses. She wanted Lime Crime fans to not be afraid to stand out in a crowd and to express themselves with the company’s bright, bold shades.


Lime Crime’s current products vary wildly. The lipsticks have become the company’s most popular item. The shades come in every color imaginable and are all made to be animal friendly and are all certified by PETA. The makeup is all also friendly to vegans and made from the purest ingredients.


Included in the company’s creative products are eyeshadow palettes that come in a bright shell casing that was designed to look like the ’90s toy favorite, Polly Pocket toys. This is just one example of how Doe Deere is utilizing her and her team’s creative skills to help women express themselves. Learn more:


Sussex Health Care Case Study

The Sussex healthcare services formed in 1985 is a healthcare provider which is a forerunner of care to the old. Through the years, the company has become a leader in the provision for care to adults with both physical and learning difficulties. Sussex has developed in the area of dementia, respite, and palliative care. Sussex also provides care to the neurological problems.

The organization is based in Sussex though it runs a total of 20 homes all over the United Kingdom. The care homes are located in Billingshurst, East Grinstead, and Horsham just to mention a few. The homes are under the care of qualified and dedicated specialist nurses who work around the clock to ensure that the patients are well-taken care of and provided for.

Sussex has an experience of over 25 years in the industry offering quality healthcare to the patients. The organization is dedicated to providing a serene surrounding to support the older people in the society thereby increasing their physical, emotional and intellectual capacity. Sussex offers a person-centered approach to the people living with dementia to improve their conditions.

Sussex has ultra-modern facilities which are designed with the latest technology to provide therapy services in a homelike setting. The overall quality of life in Sussex is well taken care of with quality food and a wide array of activities available to the homes. The services are not only available in the facilities, but they are there for the whole community in general according to

The inspiration of the organization has remained the same to offer the best regarding physical, emotional, spiritual and social nurture to the patients. The critical aspect of the homes is that they are structured and run in such a way that they offer a homely environment. Since it’s commence in 1985, Sussex healthcare now has over 585 beds and a leading healthcare provider in the area.

Sussex have faith in investing in individuals to maximize their true potential. They mainly focus on training and education as the key to high-quality working conditions. There is a range of benefits that come with working for Sussex ranging from pensions to double pay for bank holidays. Sussex offers training at entry level for all those joining them. Currently, they have several open positions in a wide range of disciplines right from the administrator to the weekend driver.


Whitney Wolfe Herd One of the Few Successful Women in the Tech Industry

Most of the dating apps out there are almost the same. They have the basic features where you can see the profile of the other person and then contact them using their messaging service. Many dating apps claim that they have some USP, but in the end, it is almost the same as the others. Also, most of these apps are not safe, and many women and men end up being bullied by others leading to decreased self-confidence in them. But, this is where Bumble sets itself apart from other dating apps.Talking about the app in an interview, its founder Whitney Wolfe Herd said that she has always hated dating and the thing she disliked was that it was the men who had the control on most of the dating apps. The society has forced women to think that they cannot make the first move when it comes to their dating life. It is always the men that have been given this opportunity.

By introducing Bumble, she wants to change the mindset of the people, and the response she has received proves that there are more women out there who think the same way. Bumble, the new app by Whitney Wolfe Herd, forces the women to message their match first. They are given 24 hours to respond to their matches, or they disappear. It gives the women the power to message their match and take their talks forward. But, it does not mean that the app has not attracted men. The reason for its popularity among men is because they can find better matches for themselves and are not treated as creeps.

Whitney Wolfe Herd set up Bumble along with Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, from a small room in her hometown, Austin, Texas. They recently shifted to their newly designed headquarter that reflects their company’s policies – ‘women first’. About 80 percent of their employees are women and also have women in all the head positions. Whitney Wolfe Herd does not consider herself as a tech person but more of a creative one. Whitney Wolfe Herd believes that Bumble has been successful because of her hard-working team. Instead of trying to do everything by herself, she believes that it is best to hire someone with the expertise to ensure that they are successful. Bumble already has three million users from around the world and are still getting about 25,000 downloads every day.

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Securus Technologies Secures Another Company

Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Bob Pickens, announced on January 4th that the prison technology company has reached a deal to acquire payment processing company, GovPayNet. The terms of the deal were not disclosed but it combines one of the largest processors of payments for government agencies with the nation’s largest prison technology company. GovPayNet will continue to operate under its current name and will maintain its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company processes credit and debit payments made to over 1,200 government agencies across the country including cash bail payments, traffic and safety fine payments, tax payments, and more. The company has been in operation since 1997.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, TX and has three regional offices in the United States. It was founded in 1986 and currently provides biometric analysis, payment processing, inmate self-services, and other technology-based services to over 3,500 facilities in the United States. The company provides phone services to over 1.2 million inmates in correction facilities and with this move, the company will be capable of processing over 4 million payments annually. The acquisition of GovPayNet is the latest in over 20 different acquisitions of smaller companies that the tech giant has made in the past several years, as they have positioned themselves as the leader in the industry. They have over 1,000 full-time employees spread across their four locations.