What To Expect At The Manaira Shopping Mall Owned by Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a serial entrepreneur hailing from Brazil’s northern coastal town of Paraíba. In Paraíba, Roberto is a living legend credited with building the first-ever world-class shopping mall; the Manaira Shopping complex. The high-end mall completed was completed in 1989, but its ripple effects on the social and economic dispensations of the local communities are still being felt in 2017.


Thousands of Brazilian consumers throng the doors of the Manaira Shopping mall every year. The masses are drawn in by the impressive amenities found in the various floors of this popular shopping hub. The mall stands on 75,000 square meters of property and, it has an estimated 300 stores.


At Manaira, there’s something fun and exciting for everyone in the family. For the young and young at heart, there’s an out-of-this-world gaming space equipped with over 200 gaming machines. There are 3D rooms you can lease out to either play video games or watch movies on HD screens.


The Manaira Shopping mall often holds cultural fetes and other artistic performances on their one-of-a-kind theater called the Domus Hall Concert. The breathtaking dome comfortably holds over 4,000 sitting revelers and, the arena accommodates up to 10K people without the seats.


The dome is popular with graduation parties, wedding receptions, presentations, full-concerts and other private events.


In 2013, Santiago expanded his million-dollar empire by finishing work on the Mangeira mall. The new mall is defined as a shopper’s dream come true, by the locals and the tourists who frequent it. The mall is an excellent destination if one is looking to do some quality shopping, stay entertained and well-fed, at the same time. The mega mall is home to practically all the world’s leading electronics, fashion, and home products. The leading eateries at the mall include Capital Steakhouse, Espaco Gourmet, and Wayne’s restaurants.


Mall Security


The security at both malls is superb. There’s an ample parking lot with real-time guards on site. The surveillance cameras covering almost every inch of the Manaira mall are a powerful deterrent to petty criminals.


Roberto the Champion Racer


Asides, making million-dollar deals, Santiago has a penchant for sports car racing. Roberto Santiago is a previous winner of the Brazilian kart championship om the 250cc category. Additionally, the seasoned investor has scooped up numerous motocross racing championship’s awards over the years.


Early Life


Soon after graduating from the local university, Santiago opted to venture into self-employment by setting up a cartonnage company in his town. Soon, he was the sole supplier of cartons for various packaging purposes in his city. His career path would eventually lead him to become a real estate investor in João Pessoa. Roberto would later use the experiences and the networks gained working in the property market to build his eye-catching shopping malls.


Lifeline Screening: Keep The Life You’ve Earned

You may have never heard of a Lifeline Screening until now. What is it you may ask. A lifeline screening is essential. As a child you would receive a full check up every year or so to make sure everything was okay and you were growing properly, you were eating well, and that nothing was abnormal.

A Lifeline Screening is basically the same thing but for adults and it goes into a lot more detail. As you get older, there are many more places on and inside your body that need to be routinely checked. It is like preventative maintenance. If you can catch a problem early, it is much easier to diagnose and treat than if it caught later on. It is in a lot of ways just like a car. If you own a car and you give it maintenance every certain amount of miles you drive it rather than just waiting until the engine light comes on or when it breaks down, you have a much greater chance of fixing it and keeping it around as long as possible. It is the same with your body. If a doctor can detect a problem early such as breast cancer, a brain tumor or a heart defect, he may be able to do something about it since it has not yet advanced to the point that it would be untreatable. That is one of the main benefits of a Lifeline screening: your life.

To prepare for a Lifeline screening, you should, above everything, relax. This is a good thing that will benefit you in the long run especially if the doctors find something abnormal in your tests. Secondly, you should wear loose-fitting clothing and you can also fast if you were told to do so beforehand. Besides this, most screenings are very uninvasive and require little to no preparation beforehand. Doctors may screen for elevated liver enzymes, abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease and several other things. Each requires that you only follow their instructions involving medication you may be currently taking and consumption of food beforehand. You should also expect to have your blood drawn which should only be a simple finger stick in most cases. A life screening is exactly what it sounds like: a screening of your life for your life. If you choose to receive one, you should feel confident that you have made the best decision possible for your health and ultimately, your life.

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OSI Industries Achievements in Food Industries

OSI Group keeps being the main organization in the nourishment business with its expanded productivity. The organization has reached out to buying other nourishment organizations that associate with their objectives and qualities. OSI Group conveys top of the line items for retail brands and nourishment benefits universally.

David McDonald who fills in as the organization’s President clarified that its item advancement offers more to customers. Other than its ability, he additionally acknowledges the organization’s requirement for development. OSI Group predominantly bands together with firms that give items which will help expand their deals.

OSI Group has done a great deal to grow their business. The organization paid over seven million for a previous Tyson Food plant. The 200,000 square foot generation office was advantageous in light of the fact that it was close to the organization’s fundamental offices. This progression expanded their business as their meat items, for example, pork, hamburger patties, sandwiches, bacon among others were sold in substantial numbers.

Additionally, OSI Group reached out to Europe with the buy of Flagship Europe giving new assets to the market. Lead Europe basically gives poultry items, marinades, sandwich fillings, sauces, plunges, and dressings. Likewise in the Europe showcase, OSI Group gained sustenance items in 2016 from Baho Food which essentially works in Netherlands and Germany serving eighteen nations. Baho Food gave OSI Group a more extensive nearness in Europe.

On the worldwide market, OSI Group has endeavored to supply nourishment items to retail marks around the world. As indicated by David McDonald, OSI Industries sees itself as the pioneer of sustenance businesses since it comprehends the way of life and tastes of all customers universally. OSI Group is driven by an effective individual called Sheldon Lavin who fills in as the CEO. He is all around in view of fund and bookkeeping learning which encourages him to direct the organization professionally. Sheldon Lavin worked with the Otto and his children, the essential organizers of the organization that he claims now.

Toward the finish of the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin worked together with the two Otto’s children bringing more prominent accomplishments than some time recently. In 1975, its name was changed to OSI Group. One Otto child sold his advantage, and the other resigned, in this manner, making Sheldon Lavin as the essential proprietor. The organization home office is situated in Aurora, Illinois and has developed to have more than 65 branches working in 17 nations. OSI Group is continually attempting to fulfill their customers by giving quality nourishment items.

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