Women Taking Control – Whitney Wolfe’s Brilliant Dating App!

When Whitney Wolfe graduate a private college in the heart of Dallas, Southern Methodist University, and went on to create her own business at the age of 22, things were looking very good for her. Presently, her situation has never looked better as she is the CEO of her own company called “Bumble”.

Born in Utah, Whitney Wolfe is an international studies major who took the dating industry by storm. Currently, her creation Bumble has over 50,000 users daily. The innovative business model and differentiated way of operating is what made the app so popular. The bottom-line is that women have to be the ones to message first if a matching occurs.

Since her creation is one of the most pertinent inventions in world of online dating, she has already received hefty offers to let go of her business. Many resources report that she said no to a $450 million offer to sell her app to the Match Group. The fact that the offer went up so high comes as not surprise knowing how fast business is growing. With offices in Texas, Australia, London, Germany, and soon New York, the app has taken over the industry with high velocity.

As far as Whitney Wolfe refusing the offer, the valuation was not right in her eyes. The company should have been valued more, and looking at all of their financial information, she was not wrong.

Whitney Wolfe’s career however, was not always so fruitful. After she co-founded another giant in online dating world, Tinder, she soon left and sued the company. She also sued the Match group as well. Sexual harassment charges she filed were settled out of court, while another employee implicated was fired.

Nonetheless, the refusal of a $450 million offer have little to do with the history between the two. Wolfe has made her brand stand out in the market with a slight tweak that others did not think off. This has enabled her to overtake market shares from other companies which are now trying to get it back. With bright future ahead of Bumble, Wolfe is hardly wrong to decline any offers made.

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