Scaling the Heights of Academic Success with Rocketship Education

Rocketship, a non-profit network of charter based schools in California, begun its operations in 2006. The founders, John Danner and Preston Smith, aimed at eliminating the achievement gap in public education by availing quality education to students from low-income neighbourhood through a scalable and sustainable learning model. Its unique blended learning approach and personalized teaching approach garnered it national publicity and as a result, the D.C. Public Charter School Board granted it permission to set up eight schools in the district. Currently the foundation runs 13 schools where they impact the lives of the students and inspire communities.

The three pillars of Rocketship

Rocketship transformative learning is based on three pillars namely:

Excellent teachers and leaders

Rocketship has a team of outstanding teachers who play a pivotal role in the student’s academic success by effecting meaningful change. The management board is actively engaged in the teacher’s professional development through mentorship, provision of leadership programs and personalized trainings that equip teachers with the skills that elevate them for career success. They also endeavour to create a fulfilling workplace where teachers are valued and commissioned to grow exponentially.

Personalized learning for Rocketeer students

Rocketship believes in unleashing the full potential of each Rocketeer and as such has incorporated a unique learning approach that focuses on personalized instruction. Each student has a tailor-made learning plan that is congruent to their needs and this enables students to learn at their own pace. Rocketship believes that through this individualized instruction, children achieve accelerated growth that enables them to perform above grade level. Teachers combine excellent traditional instruction, innovative technology and targeted tutoring for all Rocketeers. Student’s learning also integrates Rocketship’s four values namely: respect, responsibility, persistence and empathy.

Engaged parents

Rocketship managing board have inculcated a culture of active parental participation which is the bedrock of this charter school foundation. Parents play a vital and active role in selecting who gets to teach their children. They do an intensive scrutiny on a prospective candidate before they recommend him/her for the teaching position. This process allows for parents to build a rapport with the teacher prior to the commencement of the school year as well as play a powerful advocacy role in the lives of their children.

Rocketeer parents are encouraged to be positive role models at home so that their children can develop and harness their leadership abilities.

Rocketship’s innovative educational approach is fulfilling its mission of eliminating the achievement gap through its continued expansion of the program in deserving communities. Students who have been through the program continue to enjoy success in school and beyond because of the intensive academic instruction and training on high-order thinking skills they received.

Andrew Rolfe Is At The Center Of Enhancing The Growth Of The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund started operations in 1999. Over the years, the entity has been supporting children from the less fortunate backgrounds. To date, the Fund has supported thousands of needy children across Africa. Initially, the Fund had focused on providing the disadvantaged children with education. However, the management of the organization realized that some of the students were finding it hard to concentrate on their studies. After conducting a research to unearth the reasons thereof, they realized that some of students were facing serious problems at home. Some children were finding it hard to cope with HIV and hunger. To this end, the Fund started offering healthcare services and providing the children with food.

In the recent past, the leadership of the Fund organized a gala dinner for purposes of raising more resources in order to support more needy students. Andrew Rolfe was charged with the duty of ensuring that the guests are well entertained. To this end, he brought in a Xhosa choir. Moreover, he provided the attendees with sumptuous meals. The invitation-only event took the entire night. Besides renowned philanthropists, Jacob Lief and Sinesipho Rabidyani attended the event. Lief, who is one of the founders of the Fund, told the audience that children require virtually everything for them to grow into healthy adults.

Sinesipho moved the audience with her inspiring story. She talked of the hardships that she faced in the hands of her father, who had a drinking problem. She dreaded going home from school. However, she fixed her eyes on the price and excelled in her studies. When the management of the Ubuntu Education Fund heard her story, they deemed it fit to give her a scholarship. Sinesipho is looking forward to graduating from the university as a lawyer.

About Andrew Rolfe

As the chairman of the organization, Andrew has worked closely with other leaders to ensure that the fund raises adequate resources for the needy children. He is credited for being one of the people who helped the Ubuntu Fund raise more than $972, 960 in the recently-concluded gala dinner.

Andrew has a sound educational background and vast management experience. The executive has worked for Booker Foodservice, Pret A. Manger, PepsiCo Restaurants International and the Gap.

Mark Sparks and Timber Creek Capital, LP

Mark Sparks is generally classified as a “serial entrepreneur”. But he is very humble. He would much rather not be introduced as the mega mogul, but rather a man who started a business in his back bedroom and was successful. He talks about his humble beginnings and how he had to struggle sometimes in life. In Spite of these troubles, he remembers being happy and having a zest for life. Even though sometimes he was down to his last dollar bill, he was optimistic. To Mr. Sparks, it is very important to be humble and thankful. Learn more:


Mark Sparks graduated from high school in 1975 and recalls being a C+ student. He says it was by the Grace of God that he was able to create such a large fortune. He has no college education or formal training but he was born with an instinct for business. He says he has “no fear of losing it all“. If his heart tells him to take a certain risk, he will do it.


Mark Sparks handles companies with his equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP ( He has also written several books, including “They can’t eat you”. He says this book was very difficult to write because he shares everything about his life. He talks about his less fortunate days and his failures as well as his successes.


Mark Sparks puts a lot of emphasis on his office space and other needs of a company. In his eyes, the office space can promote a work environment that is conducive to an optimal output. He makes sure there is nothing a business will need when they are under his company. They will have access to banking, capital and a host of other things. Mr. Sparks wants to take out as many hurdles as he can in order to make a company run as smooth as it can. The idea is to help a company get started without them having to go to any outside sources. Everything will be obtained within Timber Creek Capital, LP. He will do all the leg work and also make sure your access to supplies and sources are within reach. Learn more:


Mark Sparks has been through ups and downs and has had ventures that didn’t pan out. He has experienced being poor and he has not lost sight of that. It has made him a stronger person and it has made him understand that he can’t forget where he has come from. This, in turn, has made him a very humble person. It has also made him a very driven person. Because of where he started, his interest in helping others who are going through the same hardships is very strong. He wants to see people succeed just as he did.


Greg Secker Inspires People To Earn Money Through Education

Greg Secker was born in Norfolk England in 1997. He attended the University of Nottingham where he studied Agricultural and Food Sciences. After graduating college, Greg Secker developed foreign exchange trading systems at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He worked as Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation, and then he mentored people about trading strategies. He published Trading Your Way to Success & Financial Freedom Through FOREX. He formed the Knowledge to Action Group and Greg Secker Foundation, and he received the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce.

Greg Secker created the Virtual Trading Desk, which was the first real-time Forex trading system. His knowledge about trading grew as Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, which is a Fortune 500 investment bank. Greg Secker also created Learn to Trade, which is a global company that teaches people how to trade through seminars and workshops.

Greg Secker began making money working for other people. His desire, however, was to help people make money working for themselves. He wanted to lead by example. He feels making money through trading should be easy. The inability for people to trade easily was the initial motivation for Greg Secker. He wanted people to reduce their risk trading in foreign markets. He felt the best place to start was by educating people.

Greg Secker created a platform that allowed him to trade around the world from his home. Creating a new platform for trading involved many processes. Streamlining his personal trading process provided the knowledge for holding seminars that taught other people how to make money.

The process of teaching people to make money through trading was a natural process for Greg Secker. He began by teaching his friends and family. Through their success, he advanced to teaching everyone. Greg Secker is an international speaker, master trader, and philanthropist. He thinks that his financial accomplishments pale in comparison to being a father.

Greg Secker credits his success to two areas, support from his friends and family, and meeting other people while traveling. He gains inspiration from listening to other people’s success stories.

Why Jason Hope is Passionate on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an investor who is passionate about advancing technology. Jason is a graduate of Arizona State University where he specialized in finance. He later joined W.P Carey School of business receiving his MBA. Due to his passion for Tech, Jason started a mobile communication company. The firm inspired him as it would benefit many people and bring a lot of changes. Hope started selling premium text messages and later grew to be his foundation for his career. Jason earns a lot from his portfolio of technology companies which include Jawa, Computer and business information systems.

Jason has been in the forefront in initiating new trends in technology through his various writing to inform people about the advancements in the field. Jason believes in the internet of things, which is the latest trend in the tech industry. Internet of Things allows different devices we use in the daily lives to connect with the same network and increase efficiency in their operations. According to hope, this new trend will bring great changes in businesses as it reduces waste. Jason believes in the advancement in technology and its future use in the largest investments in the World. The smart technology will be the only option in future with each person embracing it and many companies competing in excellent apps they produce.

Internet of Things comes with many benefits to its consumers in different sectors. With this trend, public transport will be safer as it monitors any maintenance issue for trains and mapping public bus routes to evade dangerous conditions on the road. These improvements will ensure faster means of transport encouraging many people to opt for public means instead of private vehicles thus reducing pollution. Sometimes when an accident happens in the rural area, it takes a long time for a response. The new trend will ensure GPS tracking, providing information on a crash day and night.

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