Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Leads in Advertising

For business, branding is an essential element. Branding defines the direction that a product will take in the industry. Branding gives business a marketing niche. There are many ways that advertising can raise the profile of business by strengthening the brand. For an individual to have a proper brand presentation, there must be a good brand manager through an advertising agency. That is where Jose Borghi comes in. Jose Borghi is an advertising mogul. He has carved a great name for himself in the advertising industry. Jose’s career currently revolves around advertising in his agency.

Mullen Lowe

One of the best ways to expose a business to the world is through finding a top ranking advertising agency. In Brazil, Mullen Lowe is a leading advertising agency thanks to the brains behind the management. Under the insightful leadership of Jose Borghi, the agency has established a firm client base because of the services it offers. From developing excellent brand names to selling the brand to the consumers, Mullen Lowe strikes out as a force to reckon with in the advertising world. The agency is prominent for providing top notch services that attract clients. With Jose Borghi as the president, Mullen Lowe has always delivered results to higher expectations than the clients. Jose has a unique way of understanding the demands of customers. He relives a customer’s expectations to reality.


One element that sets Mullen Lowe apart from the other advertising agencies is Jose’s ability to incorporate different ideas into one segment. Through this incorporation, it is easy to satisfy a client’s needs. Jose Borghi uses a diversified portfolio to meet the demands of a customer. He uses his team to identify the strengths of the brand. Through this identification, it becomes easy to brand the product. Aside from having a key attention to details, he uses foreign talent to bring out new ideas that can be used in branding.

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Meet inspirational Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager at Meriwether Group. At just 17 years old, the entrepreneur has greatly helped the Oregon based company achieve its mission. Sawyer works on changing businesses’ structure on commerce and helping the companies grow. This has enabled him develop several business skills such giving effective presentations, taking notes in important meetings and excelling spreadsheets mastery. Read This Page.

Sawyer Howitt joined the group in 2015 as a business strategy analyst. At that time, he worked with executives to enhance retail businesses of customers. In this capacity, Sawyer Howitt developed RFID, a similar technology to UPC codes, to speed up shopping checkout process. He is currently working on improving the technology to help businesses improve their operations and enhance the shopping experience of their customers.

Educational background

Sawyer Howitt studies at Lincoln High where he is also a successful racquetball player. He has membership of Portland Racquetball Club and regularly blogs about the sport and entrepreneurship. Sawyer is also a volunteer tutor in math and science. The young entrepreneur has been a director of many philanthropic companies that focus on creating opportunities for minorities. He has been a mentor of at-risk teenagers and completed many business internships.

To build his knowledge, he has enrolled for a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University this fall. His academic background and experience helps him understand what modern businesses need. He particularly appreciates the need for branding and marketing to build and maintain relationships with savvy consumers.


Sawyer Howitt is David Howitt’s son. The senior Howitt and Sawyer are well known entrepreneurs at the Meriwether Group. The group provides companies with services such as business acceleration, funding organizations with equity and exit strategy support. They assist the companies with branding by carrying out research to understand target markets, developing messages that will appeal to them and coming up with effective ways to deliver messages to the audiences. The organization also helps with optimization of businesses profits, development of strategies, and execution of the initiatives. Sawyer’s experience and educational background will make it easy for him to lead the company and continue his father’s legacy.


The Skills Of Brian Bonar Make Him An Accomplished Finance Executive

Most of the finance executives have the requisite skills and knowledge. But there are only a few who are as accomplished as Brian Bonar. This is because he has the right combination of hard skills, ample experience as well as an impressive portfolio.

These are the skills that are required by finance professional for leading any company in the right direction so that it remains stable and can sustain itself. A finance executive needs to be versatile too as each company will have a different kind of company culture. This can lead to a mutually beneficial arrangement. In fact, companies are looking ahead at conducting personality tests before appointing them in order to assess their personality traits better.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar fits well in all these aspects. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the financial sector. Currently, he is serving as the Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corp.

Brian Bonar is exclusively supervising various activities of the company. These include several employer and employee benefits along with aftermarket goods.

Dalrada Financial Corp offers a wide variety of employee products to its clients. These can help to enhance business productivity. The services here would include financial management, besides business management services for promotional activities. Next is risk management insurance besides various employee benefits.

Brian Bonar is also the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. This company is a market leader in developing color management software. It is also providing service for digital imaging hardware. Brian Bonar has made use of his leadership skills to transform his company from being a developer and turning it into a marketing organization. He has made use of strategic acquisition to expand the market for his company as it is now offering products as well as services too. Today ITEC is offering specific administrative services to its clients.

Brian Bonar has a finance leadership background. This is the solid foundation that has led to his formidable and exclusive career. There are certain personal traits as well as personal ideologies that have helped him to reach where he is today. He has flexibility in his leadership style. This is why he has been greatly successful in all the firms that he has headed till now.

Prior to ITEC, Brian Bonar was the CEO, CFO, as well as Treasurer, Secretary along with the Director of Trucept Inc. He is known to have made major changes here during his leadership. Before this, he was working with Adaptec Inc. in San Jose. This is a company that deals with laser printers. He was serving as the Vice President – Sales and Marketing with Rastek Corporation. Brian Bonar has also worked as the Executive Director of Engineering. This was for QMS.

Why George Street Photo & Video is Your Best Wedding Photographer

Some of the most stressful things to do as an adult is to plan a wedding. It is important that you get every aspect of the planning right so that the event is stress-free. When planning your wedding, you must consider getting a photographer for the day. There are many photographers in NYC alone but not all of them are good at what they do.

If you do not know where to start, simply look up George Street Photo and Video Address Locations. This is a company which has its branches in over 40 cities in the country. Their New York City branch serves the city and its environs.

At George Street Photo & Video, you do not have to be overwhelmed about everything. Their wedding consultants have the right advice when it comes to lighting, color scheme and even shooting venues. Book an appointment with the professionals and consider the hard part done!

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Yanni Hufnagel Makes a Difference Across College Basketball Teams

Yanni Hufnagel has made a stunning career as an assistant men’s basketball coach in several universities. The secret of his success lies in listening to and understanding potential recruits, then get them to see the positives behind joining his squad.


Harvard University, where Yanni Hufnagel started his assistant coaching career, might be better known for churning out lawyers and businessmen than basketball players. He was credited for developing two star players, Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders, and in the four years that he was at the school, the Crimson saw some of their best years ever and were 90-30 in the win/loss column.


Yanni Hufnagel then went on to become the assistant coach at Vanderbilt, under Kevin Stallings. There, the two coaches worked together and developed the 29th best 2014 recruiting class. After one season, he switched to UC-Berkeley. At Berkeley, Hufnagel was instrumental in recruiting the two players who would become the stars of the 2016 NCAA Tournament Berth team, Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb. Finally, he spent a season as a member of the Nevada Wolfpack.


His role as a talented Jewish basketball coach did not go unnoticed in the broader American Jewish community. In July 2013, Yanni Hufnagel became the coach of Team USA at the 19th Maccabiah Games in Israel and led the team of young Jewish basketball stars to a Gold. Even there, his ability to find and hone young talent was apparent. One of his players, Spencer Weisz was named MVP and later played for Princeton and became the 2017 Ivy League Basketball Player of the Year.


His skills as an assistant basketball coach and recruiter have brought Hufnagel a great deal of success over his career. He is known for his talent at public speaking and the high energy style of coaching that young players love.