Waiakea: A Unique Water Bottle Company

Ryan Emmons is a 27-year-old entrepreneur in the water bottling company. Ryan started writing this amazing story in 2012 when he founded Waiakea Water. Ryan’s family could access the Kea’au Aquifer which is located at the base of the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii.

Since bottled water is one of the most consumed beverages in the US and the rest of the world, Ryan seized the opportunity and started supplying naturally alkaline water in the US.

In the beginning, he struggled because the water industry in the US is dominated by big players who have been in the market for a long time. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Manufacturers/Meet-the-entrepreneur-behind-Waiakea-Hawaiian-volcanic-water

Waiakea volcanic water and its advantages

According to Global News Wire, the alkalinity of Waiakea water comes from the presence of naturally occurring minerals in the water. The Mauna Loa volcano has porous rocks that aid in filtering the water. The area where the volcano sits experiences a lot of rainfall all year round, so the water does not sit continuously. Alkaline water has a lot of advantages as compared to the regular tap water.

Alkaline water contains more electrolytes and has a higher pH than tap water. Due to the high pH, it can assist in neutralizing stomach acid in acid reflux. According to various scientific studies, Alkaline water is known to give extra hydration and restore an excellent pH balance.

Another rare attribute of alkaline water is that it has an optimum value of silica content which, according to studies, reduces the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease by 11%.

Waiakea company success

The firm grew 4000% in just three years. It is valued at over 10 million dollars, and its popularity is largely due to its uniqueness. The bottled water is also highly rated as it comes from one of the purest places on earth.

It is available in 900 stores in 14 states across the United States. The stores that sell this brand of water can be checked at the Waiakea Springs web page.

In addition to using environmentally friendly packaging, the company also donates 650ml of clean water per bottle sold.

USHEALTH Group – A Trusted Insurance Company

USHEALTH group is a group of companies that provides its members with the best level of innovative health coverage. For over 50 years of operation, the group and families are proud of their great commitment to providing innovative life, sickness and accident cover solutions to the self-employed and business people.

USHEALTH group of companies provide a variety of products. This is to help their customers choose the protection that they require from the list of options. The options include cover from specific illnesses, short-term accident disabilities, dental and income protection schemes. Their aim is to give customers the power of choice from their wide variety of flexible, affordable and reliable products and services.

USHEALTH group has also taken to all social media platforms to enhance global population reach. This is through their Facebook page USHEALTH GROUP, Twitter @USHEATH_GROUP and now in Instagram @USHEALTH_GROUP. The group uses these platforms to provide healthcare advice, description of their services and also enabling interaction with customers through the question and answer forums.

There are also many benefits attached to been a member of the USHEALTH group. First, as a member, you are automatically subscribed to online company consultations forums that help you in making better decisions concerning your healthcare. You are also entitled to periodical statements of drugs prescriptions and cost, plus your prescription history.

Members are also guided on how to save more money e.g. through brand and generic cost comparisons and personalized savings tracking based upon customer’s prescription history. These and many more benefits makes USHEALTH group a reputable and highly rated health company that everyone should consider joining.


Whitney Wolfe: Using Bumble To Empower Women

As the world evolves, more people are embracing application based dating. This form of dating is gaining popularity due to its numerous advantages. Singles are just an app download away from finding their perfect match.

One of the great merits of apps is the convenience. After installing them on your phone, the next step is a guided registration process. Here, you provide your personal information, including photos and interests. The application takes the wheel from here, running your profile against an inbuilt algorithm to find the perfect match for you. This reduces the time that would have been used on conventional dating.

Dating apps are a great platform for introverts to express themselves. Folks who are shy and nervous when meeting someone special is given a relaxed environment to communicate without creating awkward situations. Additionally, singles have time to acclimatize with their match before meeting physically for the first date.

Statistics are proving that digitized dating is now culturally acceptable. Over the last decade, the number of people who approve of online dating has risen by 50%, according to the Pew Research Centre. The study that application based dating is popular among all ages. The number of teenagers using this platform has grown from 10% to 27%. The elderly have not been left behind, with a reported 6% increase in folks aged between 55 and 64. Furthermore, the study revealed that 5% of married Americans met their spouse online.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is the brain behind Bumble, a women-centred online dating app. The app is a great success, having over 10 million subscribers. Bumble is not the first prosperous venture associated with Whitney Wolfe, as she is one of the pioneers of Tinder, another globally recognized dating platform.

Throughout her career, Whitney Wolfe had earned numerous recognitions. Earlier in the year, she was named in Forbes’ 30 under 30. Additionally, she has been mentioned in Elle’s Women in Tech. For Wolfe, Bumble is about creating a great environment for better interpersonal connections.

The Exciting Career Life of Adam Goldenberg

For a long time, the internet market was untapped. Not until Adam Goldenberg and his business partner decided to get into it. From then on Goldenberg is known for being a successful engine driving this industry. He sets trends and others in the industry follow. So far, he has had three ventures on Vator.tv, in this industry, which have been a major success.

First was Intelligent Beauty. Adam Goldenberg co-founded this company in the year 2006. This was following the sale of Intermix. He decided that the company was not giving him the attention that he deserved and so he left to start his own business. Intelligent Beauty started as an e-commerce incubator business.

After Intelligent Beauty came JustFab. JustFab followed a membership program where one pays $39.95. Every single outfit from the company goes for this price. As a member, you can choose to skip the month and nothing will be charged. However, if you want something from their store, you will not have to worry about shipment as it is always free.

JustFab has been a huge success because it enjoys huge funding on cnbc.com. The company has been able to obtain over $100 million from various companies including the Matrix Patners, Shining Capital, Rho Ventures and Passport Capital- Just to mention a few. The capital, the company has been able to expand to other countries including UK, Germany and Canada. They have also expanded their product Portfolio.

Currently, TechStyle, previously known as JustFab is now an umbrella brand. It encompasses FanKids which was acquired in the year 2013. Four months later, the company acquired Fab Shoes. The company continued to expand and they ventured into active wear. First, they started with women sports apparel, then it was the men and kids.

All companies operating under the Tech Style umbrella operate under the same model, subscription. This model helps in their reverse- showrooming technique according to businessoffashion.com. It encourages people to buy from them instead of just window-shopping then going to buy from physical stores.

About Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg got into entrepreneurship pretty early in life. By the age of 15 years, Goldenberg’s Gamers Alliance was born. He sold this company to Brett Brewer, two years later. Brett Brewer is the founder of Intermix. Seeing great potential in Goldenberg, he decided to hire him as the strategic planning VP. It was during his time at Intermix that he met with Don Ressler.

Reference: http://www.crosscut.vc/adam-goldenberg

Bustle’s Wen Conditioner Review

If you love trying out new beauty products and have been looking for new hair care items lately, you’ve probably heard of WEN Hair. The all-natural product line was developed by Chaz Dean and features several products that improve hair health with just a few uses. Wen products also contain essential oils and plant extracts, and are free of potentially harmful chemicals like parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Bustle’s Emily McClure tried Wen’s Fig conditioner for a week, and her review can give you some insight into the product and the Wen hair care line in case you’re thinking of becoming a Sephora customer.

Even though McClure says that it takes a lot of conditioner to fully moisturize the hair, she says that her tresses felt softer after just one use. Throughout the week, McClure noticed her hair feeling thicker and fuller; the only downside to this was that her hair didn’t hold a curl for long after she styled it with a curling iron.

Before the experiment was over, McClure’s friends even complimented her on how shiny her hair was. By the end of the week, McClure was satisfied with the way her hair felt and looked, and said she’d recommend the conditioner to women who want more volume in their hair.

For more product information, visit the Wen Wikipedia page and Facebook.

Need Wen? Click here: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care


The History of the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre as we know it today is an internationally recognized non-profit organization. It is open to people from all walks of life, who live all across the world. The Kabbalah teachings were once exclusive to only select groups, but thanks to Philip and Karen Berg it is now taught abroad to as many individuals and groups as possible. Philip had a passion to make Kabbalistic teachings more accessible to the world. His teacher Rav Yehuda Tvi Brandwein helped him to make this possible, mostly due to his own guidance from the very first master kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag. There was a time when the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah was difficult to obtain because books and other resources were both limited in number and costly. Only older men who were educated were able to tap into the knowledge of Kabbalah. It took many years to make The Kabbalah Centre as it stands now a reality, but Rav Berg was driven by the belief that the world could benefit more from the widespread practice of Kabbalah than just teaching to a select few. The Kabbalah Centre is now based in Los Angeles. There are several other Kabbalah Centres throughout the United States and all over the world. Students are now able to have a place where they can gather together and learn more about Kabbalistic teachings from leaders, guides, and volunteers who truly care about them and want to preserve the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah so that the whole world can benefit from it.

Anthony Petrello Demonstrates That Despite Any Economic Challenges: Nabors Industries Meets The Challenges With Innovation That Keep The Wheels Churning: Inside The Highly Competitive Arena Of The Oil And Gas Industry

Tony Petrello, CEO and Chairman of Nabors Industries, Ltd., recently explained the company’s continued outlook as it pertains to the technological advances, in way of oil and gas drilling equipment and systems, that it put into effect during the preceding fourth-quarter.

Yes: the economic environment, remains a challenge, however, true to Tony Petrello’s leadership style and strategies, the company moves progressively forward, in deployment of the best technology, meeting the ever-growing demands of the Nabors Industries, Ltd., United States oil and gas client-base.

The text, which follows, provides useful and positive insights of the technologically advanced features of the company’s new equipment, in allowing Nabors Industries, Ltd., to continue on its promise of “continual excellence,” in way of a knowledgeable well-trained labor force, and the features of the best in well digging equipment–the world over: equipment that not only delivers performance-wise, but that is highly cost-efficient.

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Anthony Petrello as Nabors’ Chairman and CEO, made commentary on the fourth quarter, with regard to 2016. The company, according to Petrello, and on record, attained, much, in the way of cash flow. The free cash flow is the result of funding equipment in order to attain upgrading. The preceding activity is accorded to the United States’ fleet.

Nabors Industries Ltd., Tony Petrello, informed, implemented a new operating system. The company maintained very significant engineering projects. One project is the evolution of automation processes.

The company, too, provided its shareholders with the dividend—it promised. “The dividend,” said Tony Petrello, “was attained, by streamlining operational processes.” (Not Tony Petrello’s words verbatim; however, words to that effect.)

The company, further, improved overall efficiencies within the support and engineering areas.

Tony Petrello, made mention of the fact, that Nabors Industries, Ltd., by way of its new technological advances, presented a “game changer,” (something that is very encouraging—as to shareholder value.)

The high-end systems provide the operational user, much, in the way of the “highest technological innovation,” for the purposes associated with downhole drilling and surface drilling.

The cost-effectiveness, and the efficiencies of the equipment remains of the utmost importance to Tony Petrello and the accompanying leadership, management, and labor force of Nabors Industries, Ltd.

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Wengie Shows off her Creative Side with Edible School Supplies

When it’s time to go back to school one thing that children need are supplies. YouTube video star, Wengie, knows that teens and kids need these items to complete school work. She also understands that they are necessary for treats and good eats.


Well, most people would not eat their school supplies but if they had the type that Wengie makes, they can easily gobble them. In her video, DIY Edible School Supplies – 8 Pranks for Back to School, Wengie reveals how people can make their own tasty, sweet and colorful school supplies.


Once a person watches this video presentation by Wengie they will know how to make some really great looking and tasting school supply treats. Her edible crayons look colorful and fun. They are made out of candy and wrapped with a Crayola covering. She makes erasers out of gum and she even has rainbow colored glue sticks that she makes with Starburst candies.


Wengie makes edible markers that have a sweet aroma and flavor. She makes tasty glue that kids can really eat without the fear of getting sick. Wengie even shows teens and children how to make pencil shaving treats from Brazil nuts.


The talented Wengie originally made these edible school treats to be used as a prank. However, her edible supplies can also be used as a special reward for good behavior or as a gift on a birthday.


Wengie just knows how to turn ordinary things into something very special. That is one reason why so many people like tuning in to her YouTube channel. Remember to click on the link above to learn how to make these amazing edible school supplies by Wengie.

Learn more about Wengie:


Doe Deere Inspiring Interview with Ideamensch

For a really long time we have been looking for more info on Doe Deere and her very popular makeup line, Lime Crime. So, when we came across her interview with Ideamensch, we were really excited. She had answered all the questions to whose answers we were looking for. Her very first question was where she got the inspiration to start Lime Crime. She went straight to the point saying that launching her company in the year 2008, was a necessary measure but was also inspired by the bright clothes that she used to make back in the day when she was sewing. Deere had noticed that you would rarely come by bright makeup. Hence, if you loved bright colors it was really hard to find a makeup that matched your wardrobe. So she formed the company for herself and the people who have the same craving for bright colors.

You will agree with me that the company has really been a success. This is due to constant innovations that stir up the market and keep things excited. When asked how she comes up with all her business ideas, she said that it does take time and she has to be really patient. But when inspiration strikes she doesn’t waste even a second. She starts acting on it before she loses motivation.

Deere told Ideamensch that she is really excited about how customers are doing more of their shopping online instead of going to the local stores. This has given her an opportunity to reach a market that is beyond the US. Deere speaks on how she foresaw the future of e-commerce and decided to depend on it for her business success. So far, it has paid off. All you need to do is be creative.

This velvetiness genius advices entrepreneurs to develop a culture that supports their employees instead of being bossy. She commented that she herself has grown her business by following this rule. She always make her employees feel appreciated. And, this goes a long way in making her employees productive and they extend the same courtesy to the customers.

She also advised entrepreneurs to start their dream jobs as soon as possible. The greatest mistake one can do is lie on their ideas for fear of failure. She also mentioned that having a great customer care team would go a long way in the success of your business.

Visit www.doedeere.com for more information.