George Soros The Main Donor and a Loyal Democrat Supporter

George Soros is a business tycoon, author, political activist, and philanthropist. He is among the top 30 richest people in the world. George Soros is the founder and chairman of Open Society Foundations, an organization that supports democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries worldwide. He was born in Hungary, but later acquired US citizenship. George Soros has been a loyal supporter and donor of Democrats Party for more than 30 years. In 2004 US elections, he funded Democrat party with $ 27 million in a move to counter the election of Republican candidate, George W. Bush as the president of the United States.

According to Federal Election Commission, George Soros donated more than $ 25 million in a bid to boost the election of Hillary Clinton, the Democrat presidential nominee. He had faith that Hillary Clinton would win the election. People close to him said that he was more politically concerned in the just concluded elections than in the previous years. He had even planned to attend the Democrat Convention to witness the acceptance of Clinton as the Democrat presidential flag-bearer. George later canceled the trip to attend to some personal business in Europe, but showed support for Clinton.

After Donald Trump mysterious victory over Hilary Clinton, George Soros and other billionaires who funded Clinton’s election campaign held a 3 day, closed door meeting. This meeting was held in Oriental hotel, Washington and was sponsored by Democrat Alliance donor club. The meeting was attended by high profile individuals who included leaders of Democratic Party, leaders of trade unions and other liberal groups. The agenda of the meeting revealed that they planned to block Donald Trump 100 days promise to Americans. They believed Trump’s plan was an assault on the achievements of President Obama and harmful to the nation.

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The meeting came at a time when there were concerns about the role of the Democracy Alliance. The alliance was accused of failing to carry out its mandate. The alliance was said to have been converted to a social refreshment club for some rich individuals and labor party officials.

Despite Clinton’s defeat, Solos is still committed to supporting leaders whom he thinks will bring positive change to the people of America. He has in the recent past funded a group working to defeat Joe Arpaio with $2 million. Joe had been the Marcopa sheriff for 24 years. According to local campaign finance filings, George Soros has donated $1 million to a campaign team in Houston Harris County, $1.5 million in support for unseating an incumbent attorney in Gilpin County and $1 million in Phoenix County in support for a democrat candidate.

George Soros not only donate his funds to politicians but he also donates to people in need especially refugees. He is supporting refugees businesses by giving them more funds to expand their businesses. This year alone he has donated $500 million to immigrants and refugees businesses. He has called upon other people of goodwill to follow suit. Soros added that he will partner with humanitarian organizations like International Rescue Committee and United Nations High Commission for Refugees to oversee his donations.

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EOS Tells How They Became One of the Most Popular Brands in Just Seven Years in Exclusive Fast Company Interview

Everyone is familiar with lip balm, and most of the large brands are household names. Chapstick is practically synonymous with lip balm. But a few years back, a new brand burst onto the scene: EOS, or Evolution of Smooth as they are properly called.

In a new interview with Fast Company (here), EOS reveals information previously kept quiet about their success story in a century-old industry that has remained mostly unchanged since its inception.

Knowing that the lip balm industry was a prime candidate for a shakeup product, the EOS team set out to design something unique to hit the market with, and thus, the iconic EOS lip balm was born. Designed to stimulate all five senses (note the funky shape, unusual colors, and uncommon scents and flavors), the new lip balms have become the second most popular brand in the nation.

But getting them in stores in the first place proved to be challenging to the EOS team. At first, no one wanted to take the risk. But eventually, EOS found their break with a representative from Walgreens, and it didn’t take long for big box brands like Target and Wal-Mart to hop on board. The product quickly grew in popularity and online retailers such as eBay began to accept it.

Soon EOS would be in every drug store and beauty magazine in the country. From Kim K’s purse to beauty blogs, the lip balms have become practically an obsession for the beauty world. The company now moves 1 million units a week and is expected to continue growing.

Designing a successful and unique product was only one part of EOS’ success, though; targeting a key demographic (millennial women) was also instrumental in rocketing them to the top. While women are the primary purchasers of lip balm, most products are marketed as unisex.

To find out more about EOS, read the full interview here.

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Madison Street Capital Investments

As an international banking company, Madison Street Capital, focuses strictly on helping businesses manage their financial sectors. They provide a sundry of services. Such services include but are not limited to, reorganization, corporate regime, bankruptcy maintenance, capital reformation, etc. Madison Street Capital’s reputation continues to positively grow along with their awards and recognition. The banking firm received four awards in 2016. Such awards include Refinancing Deal of the Year and the Cross Border M & A Deal of the year, 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award, 15th Annual M & A Advisor Awards for Industrials Deal of the Year, and it was also a finalist for the Boutique Investment Firm of the Year Award.


Madison Street Capital also lends their support to corporations such as The United Ways which is an organization that delivers nationwide relief to disaster areas. Madison Street Capital provides not only financial support, but they invest trust and reliability to satiate their clients everyday needs. In early January 2016, Madison Street Capital became the elite financial advisor for Accel Compression, Inc. It helped Accel Compression, Inc. organize a sub-debt facility for their client. The CEO of Accel, Roger Becker, has stated that the business relationship between them and Madison Street Capital has positively exceeded their expectations. Becker continued, “the team at MSC have been very easy to work with and I am looking forward to closing a second and larger round of funding with them shortly.” Needless to say, it is clear that more business transactions will be facilitated in the future with the vast experience that Madison Street Capital has to offer its clients. In the Summer of 2016, The Dowco Group hired Madison Street Capital to help organize the accession of Acuña & Asociados. “This was a complex cross-border transaction with a lot of moving parts,” stated Karl D’Cunha, Managing Director. Nonetheless, they are confident and comfortable with the decision. Madison Street Capital has intense expertise and experience in the financial sectors in helping businesses transition smoothly throughout these investment acquisitions.


The team at Madison Street Capital are beyond capable of helping organize the financial designs to help each company and their specific needs. They dedicate themselves with the utmost details and problem-solving tactics to achieve the ultimate satisfaction in any given financial situation. As a result, Madison Street Capital has come to be one of the top successful financial firms in the industry. Making a name for themselves has been a business priority since day one. It is no surprise that Madison Street Capital will perpetuate their high quality financial reconstruction legacy, but will remain one of the best firms to be in relationship with. In conclusion, Madison Street Capital will make any financial investment transition as smooth as possible.

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Why the Davos Real Estate Group Has Unveiled a New Mobile Application to Its Customers


The Davos Real Estate Group has made significant strides in market growth by launching a ground-breaking mobile application. Dubbed the “Davos Cap Calculator,” the App focuses on estimating the financial returns on real estate endeavors pursued by clients.


The Davos Real Estate Group is a subsidiary of the Davos Financial Group, a multinational financial corporation with over a two-decade experience. The firm provides essential financial services to the Latin American market. The real estate entity has specialized in the preparation of an investment strategy tailored to meet the expectations of each client, as well as linking the regulatory framework with premium products. Such an endeavor has led to the dissemination of high-quality services by experienced professionals.


The launch of the App has engaged the collaborative effort of Tecknolution and REG’s Executive Director, Gerard González. Such a partnership has been essential in the creation and design of the App into a useful device. As a result, entrepreneurs can approximate the profit margin of an investment property after purchase expenses are met.


How the App Works


The Davos Cap Calculator is currently available for both Android and iPhone users and operates on the latest technology platforms. Once downloaded, the App initiates a series of commands that identify various properties within your locality. Afterward, it conducts a background check of any past real estate report associated with the property. Having assessed its history, the App forwards a final report to the Davos agent for further deliberation with interested clients.


Through the App, investors can get an overview of the costs of various properties. More importantly, you can evaluate the rent on the property that best meets your budget. The application also allows customers to approximate their mortgage based on forecasts by banks, the interest rate payable and the payment period.


About David Osio


Mr. Osio serves as the Founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, a leading financial service provider in the western hemisphere. While at the helm, he has played an immense role in the company’s growth over the years. His valuable leadership skills and hands-on approach have immensely contributed to an increment in annual sales. Osio has supervised the enterprise’s expansion into strategic cities such as New York, Lisbon, Panama City and Geneva.


He has ensured that customer satisfaction remains at the pinnacle of company goals and objectives. Hence, he has focused his attention on creating financial services that match the unique needs of each client.

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You Probably Have an EOS Lip Balm in Your Bag. Now Get to Know the Company That Makes it!

Chapstick has been a household name for generations as the company has dominated the lip balm industry for nearly a century. So why is the millennial generation using those colorful egg shaped EOS lip balms? With Fast Company Sanjiv Mehra, the co-founder and managing partner of Evolution of Soft (EOS), shares the story of how EOS lip balm came to be the millennial generation’s go-to lip balm.

The idea of EOS lip balm began with Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky. Although Dubitsky left prematurely for another career opportunity, Mehra’s background in major corporations and Teller’s immersion in startup culture attributed significantly to the success of EOS. After identifying the lip balm industry as lacking in change or innovation, they saw a prime opportunity. They began conducting research and discovered the primary consumers of lip balms were women, and the major issues these consumers had was frequently loosing tubes of lip balm in their bags. Additionally, theses consumers were open to trying new styles of lip balm containers such as lip balm pots.

After taking these issues into consideration they set to work on designing a new lip balm with the five senses in mind such as the soft feel of the container, the smell and taste of the balm, color of the container, and even the sound of opening and closing it. After all of their hard work the EOS lib balm was made!

To get the product onto shelves required them investing in their own manufacturing equipment, contacting Facebook bloggers to review and start chatter about the product, and partnering with major market players. For example, they created an Alice in Wonderland collection with Disney that sold out in days. After only seven years, EOS lip balm has become a household name in their own right. Visit the EOS website:

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