A Key Player in the Investment Banking World

Investment banking deals with investments. Investment banks create capital for people and entities.

Specific examples of their activities can include fund raising strategies, worth determination and advising on company structures so that said company can achieve the greatest results in their business pursuits.

Working in this field is a prestigious role; however, investment bankers have a lot of responsibility which can make it stressful. This job requires more than studying. It demands intuition and good judgment. This is generally developed from experience. Therefore, once a person gets a job as an investment banker, they must be prepared to learn and remind themselves that their first job is also a part of their education in this field. Keys to investment bankers’ success include personal traits such as patience, observation, research skills and interpersonal skills.

Interpersonal skills are of the most important. They are essential to the foundation of the investment bank operations and their relationship with clients.

A prime example of a successful investment banker is Martin Lustgarten. He is based in Miami, Florida and is the CEO of Lustgarten Martin. This is a company he founded, runs and has become one of the most well-known firms of this type in American history.

Many people attribute the company’s success to Lustgarten’s leadership. Lustgarten has acquired many skills and worked in various areas of the investment banking industry throughout his career. This includes equity trades and security. Their successful record and the long and positive reputation they have with their clients are testament to their success and integrity. This reputation has lead to continued growth and more clients.

One of Lustgarten’s most essential skills are his interpersonal skills and ability to communicate. This includes the ability to be direct and personal, while maintaining respect. This affects his relationship with both colleagues and clients. Such interpersonal skills create a healthy foundation for inter-company and company-client relationships that fosters productivity.

Visit his Linkedin profile to learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinlustgarten

The Many Benefits of Beneful

You have likely heard about Beneful by Nestle purinastore, one of the most nutritious dog foods on the market, but you might not be aware of the many varieties of Beneful dog food that are available. Just like children, dogs can be picky eaters, but Beneful has a brand of dog food every pup is sure to enjoy.

Their dry dog food flavors include beef, salmon, and chicken, and all are made with whole grains and vegetables every growing dog needs. Bags from 3.5 to over 30 pounds are available in most pet food markets like Walmart, helping you save money while still providing the best ingredients for your dog. Beneful’s nutritional value is superior to that of most leading brands, so you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth in every bag.

Beneful’s Healthy Weight Dog food comes in many flavors, but is specifically formulated for pets with weight issues. They still receive the great nutritional value for which the brand is known, but you do not have to fret over portion sizes the way you do with the Original varieties. Beneful‘s Healthy Puppy varieties similarly work for your puppy’s needs. Feed your growing dog Healthy Puppy flavors until he is old enough to move on to more standard fare.

Beneful’s IncrediBites is yet another variety that appeals to even the pickiest of pets. While formulated for dogs of every age, breed, and weight, many owners find that InrediBites solves their picky eater puppy problems.

Most of these varieties and flavors also come in a canned, wet food formula, just in case your dog prefers that to the dry food, or needs it due to dietary concerns. Finally, all Beneful varieties use meat as their #1 ingredient with no sugar added, so you can be sure there is a variety your dog will love which provides everything he or she needs.

No matter your dog’s age, breed, eating preferences, or dietary needs, Beneful is certain to have a formula that fits — and that formula has everything your dog needs without added sugar. Beneful also makes tasty, Healthy Smile dog treats to keep your pet’s choppers sharp and clean.

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White Shark Media gets some complaints, but quickly rectifies.

White Shark Media are an AdWords campaign consultant company, they have received numerous compliments, but more recently they have received some complaints from clients, like any good business however, they have made a few changes to rectify the situation.

There were about eight complaints in total ranging from inadequate reporting procedures, poor communication, lack of a ‘better’ campaign, No SEO services, unprofessional and bland consultants, poor performance tracking, to a lack of customer call tracking, thus many changes to what clients receive when they hire the services of White Shark Media are being implemented, such as…

  • More thorough explanations to clients pertaining to the ins and outs of their new campaigns.
  • Monthly status calls and direct extensions.
  • Verification that existing campaigns are in use.
  • New and improved expert supervisory management.
  • Senior SEM consultants who provide a personal touch.
  • Newly-created accounts for each new campaign, preventing redundancy.
  • Improved AdWords performance tracking and comprehensive reporting and
  • A new, and greatly enhanced call tracking provider and system.

“Throughout the years we’ve had Clients reaching out to us with a lot of compliments, but we’ve had our share of complaints too. It takes time to build up a company from scratch that will produce the lowest amount of complaints.

We’ve eventually reached a point where we believe we’ve made our share of mistakes and paid for them, but we have also come out with a better service in the end.

This post is about letting potential Clients and other agencies know about the process we’ve undertaken in White Shark Media. You can trust us to use your compliments and complaints to constructively move forward.” – Andrew Lolk – Consulting/Agency

To read further and in greater detail as to what White Shark media is doing to improve, follow the link Here.

In summary, White Shark media is a solid company with a great reputation, they strive to provide the best possible options and expertise for each and every client’s AdWords campaigning needs.

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Enjoy the Benefits of These Varieties of Beneful Dog Food

Beneful dog food is a brand of Purina, a company that has provided quality dog food for over eighty years. With a team of nutrition researchers and quality assurance managers, Beneful dog food is a brand you can trust. The following is only a few of the varieties that make Beneful great.
Beneful dog food is available on Wal-Mart in many wholesome and nutritious varieties. One type is their chopped blends. The chopped blends come in a can with chunks of real food the dog-lover will recognize. With ingredients like real beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice dog owners can feel confident that their dog is receiving only the best. The chopped blends are also available with chicken, turkey, salmon and lamb, plus a wide variety of carbohydrates and vegetables.

Another excellent variety of canned Beneful dog food is the medleys. The medleys include real meat, vegetables and grains with a liberal sauce that makes them the perfect mix-in for your favorite variety of Beneful dry dog food. The medleys come in Tuscan style with beef, carrots, rice and spinach, Romana style with chicken, carrots, pasta and spinach, and Mediterranean style with lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach.

Beneful stews are yet another way a dog can enjoy his nutritious Beneful dog food. Available online via Amazon in a resealable tub, these stews contain large chunks of meat and nutritious grains. The stews come in beef and chicken, also containing peas, carrots, rice and barley.

One can’t forget what made Beneful great to begin with: Beneful dry food originals. Made with real farm raised meat, these are blended with whole grains and vegetables into a crunchy nugget that is good for a dog’s teeth. The dry dog food is available in beef, chicken and salmon.

Many dogs have allergies to rice or chicken, which is a component in many dog foods. With the myriad of choices of meats and grain, chances are you’ll find a Beneful dog food that will suit your dog. Regardless of your dog’s individual needs, Beneful dog food’s many varieties are made with the most wholesome ingredients and will satisfy any dog.

Visit https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood for more details.

Lime Crime Adds More Instagram Followers

Lime Crime is the innovative and boldly colorful cosmetics company that is going far beyond trend setting in its online business model. First launched in 2008 by Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, Lime Crime has made brilliant use of the Internet to market its colorful and wild product line, which includes lipsticks, shadows, liners and more.

Doe Deere has made full use of all the marketing tools the Internet offers, and her effective use of social media has lead to breakthroughs in spreading the word about Lime Crime Cosmetics. Just recently, the Instagram page for Lime Crime broke through with over 2 million visitors. That’s an amazing accomplishment for any company, and Lime Crime’s presence on social media is now a major force to be reckoned with.  Find them on Instagram at @limecrimemakeup.

According to Deere, one of the key aspects of Lime Crime’s Instagram page is its interactive quality. The company’s product users are asked to post pictures of themselves using Lime Crime to show off their own innovative looks. The postings on the page are utterly beautiful, and they show the range of looks possible by using Lime Crime. The more users post images, the more other fans post their own looks, all the while promoting the beautiful way these cosmetics can be used. Now that is marketing genius!

Lime Crime has a bold style in the way color is used in its products. The Unicorn Lipstick is a matte lip color that offers shades that vary from pink to purple to blue, green, orange and even yellow. The colors offered in Lime Crime eyeshadows and liners from Urban Outfitters are equally bold, and when applied artfully, they offer women a unique kind of beauty.

All the products in the makeup line are overseen by Doe Deere herself, and her lipsticks are often compared in quality to much higher priced products, like lipsticks from the Kardashian brand. Women are realizing, through Instagram and other social media, that Lime Crime offers them incredible makeup at a affordable price. This is a brand that’s really showing how it’s done, in a very innovative way.