The Impending Shut-down of the Venezuelan Government

Everyone on facebook has watched the slow demise of the once great Venezuelan nation in horror for years now, but recently, things have reached a critical point of no return. But instead of taking responsibility and action, people have stood around pointing fingers. The blame for the country’s downfall has been passed around carelessly at anyone in the way. Some say it is the fault of the United States government. Others blame the low oil prices or the country’s current president who is now called a “crazy goat” by his people. No matter why it has happened though, action must be taken quickly before it is too late.
Children’s school are open for only a short time each week, and so are the government offices. Expert Diaz Granados says there just isn’t enough electricity to go around. There is also a shrinking supply of water. Women in the villages complain of skin rashes that they and their children have developed from drought-induced poor hygiene because few can take proper baths. Some don’t even want to try since the water they do get is brown and smells bad.

The food is getting scarcer too, but President Maduro has done nothing to help. Instead, he recommended that Venezuelans plant gardens, so they will be self-supporting. Hunger can make people do things they normally wouldn’t though, which is why some Venezuelans who are desperate for food are eating anything that crawls, including stray cats and dogs. If the people don’t get help soon, they might not make it out of this alive.

Darius Fisher: Who is he, really?

Who is Darius Fisher? Many people don’t know the name. Now if you said something about Louis Armstrong or Kenny Rogers or someone else, you would know who I’m talking about. Who is Darius Fisher?

Well, it depends. Darius Fisher is the co-founder and president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm. They specialize in digital crisis management and their clients are some of the very most well known Fortune 500 companies.

Most people want to know how Darius Fisher ticks. He was interviewed by a man named Rieva Lesonsky. One of the first questions about Darius was what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said he wanted to be a baseball player. If he had wanted to be a baseball player, why did he start his own business? That was the next question for the co-founder. He wanted to travel and to work for himself.

Lesonsky also learned that Fisher had a pivotal moment when he was on the road to success. He learned that he had worked as a copywriter but then quit his job. Fisher also said that there was a best piece of advice he got is to start selling yourself rather than the ‘other nonsense’ that doesn’t contribute to your growth.

One of the things Lesonsky also learned was that Fisher’s favorite book was How to Win People and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This book is really well known self help book and has sold quite a few copies. Find Darius on Facebook to keep up with news and other information about his life.

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Twitter: @fisherdarius


Entrepeur Andy Wirth Lives Life on the Edge, Successfully Leading Squaw Valley Holdings

Andy Wirth is a philanthropist and a successful businessman as CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts in Lake Tahoe. He has been in the resort business on the slopes of Colorado and Lake Tahoe for over 25 years; he is an avid skier and outdoorsman and is always available to assist in the community. Read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia

Andy Wirth was born in Germany and graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in hotel and resort management. During college, he worked as a Park Ranger. After college, he began his career at Steamboat Ski Resort in west Colorado. Mr. Wirth began as Marketing Manager and, over the next 20 years, he worked in every department until he was promoted to CMO. Several years later, Infra West bought Steamboat Resort, and he became CEO of the entire business.

In 2010, Andy accepted the position of president and CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, which now includes Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. Squaw Valley is the 1964 Olympic Village, and, Andy spent six million dollars restoring the stadium and the ski lifts. Today, it is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in the world.

Mr. Wirth has received many community and professional awards throughout his career. The Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the Year and being recognized as one of the Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales. Andy has always been active in the community, and he always keeps a positive attitude about the task ahead.  Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe

Andy Wirth has not always had everything come easy though. In 2013, he was in a tragic sky-diving accident. Mr. Wirth spent months in the hospital, but he was determined to turn this tragic accident around. After five months, he was introduced to Navy Seals who were training in Squaw Valley. He trained with them and then founded the Iron Man Competition in Reno donating the profits to the Seals.

In 2014, he was awarded Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA, and he was the commencement speaker for the Colorado State University of Natural Resources. Andy has never lost momentum; he is always moving forwards.

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WEN Works Wonders

If you haven’t heard of WEN by Chaz Dean, then that’s probably because you’re not up all night watching TV.
I highly suggest that if you are contemplating on changing your hair care routine to Wen, that you remain within the Wen hair family of products to discover the best results. This product has proven to transform fine, dull, damaged strands to healthy, beautiful hair. His core line of hair care products takes cleansing to a whole new level. I’ve been using Wen for about 4 years, and I love it. It was heaven sent during my changeover, and I still use it consistently.

Lavender Cleanse Conditioner is an ideal intro to cleaning conditioners, and it’s the initial step to smoother, shinier, healthy hair. The Sephora fig Cleansing Conditioner has plenty of moisture for your hair and the Cucumber is right in between the almond and fig. WEN comes in several different options: Sweet Almond Mint, Cucumber, Lavender, Pomegranate, Tea Tree and Fig Cleaning Conditioners.

Tea tree contains moisturizing properties for medium-to- coarse, wavy, and hair; and invigorating properties make it exceptional for dry scalps. Leave-in cleanse conditioners replace shampoo, conditioner , detangler, Leave in conditioner, and even shaving cream. Wen (Fig method) detangles my natural hair unlike any other brand with less shrinkage, as retains shine, moisture. My hair is now growing faster than ever. Wen is definitely better than any other product I have ever invested in. It makes my hair feel soft and sleek and prevents it from becoming dry.

I use two applications, making sure that the Cleansing Conditioner is applied equally and heavily all throughout my hair. Now that I’ve been using Wen for several weeks, I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. I’m definitely a life-long Wen woman now!
A – 16 oz bottle lasts me only 3 months since I have a tendency to wash my hair more than the typical person after daily perspiration filled work-outs.

Overall, I give WEN hair an A+! This cleansing conditioner has definitely gave me more confidence and now I know that I have beautiful hair. Everyone else knows it too! Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on Facebook.

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George Soros and the Trade of the Century

It was a gamble that not many people saw coming and of those who did, there were few who were willing to make the kind of gamble that George Soros made about the value of the British Pound. A great recap of this gamble was recently published on ValueWalk recently that tells the tale completely and reveals some interesting insights into the trading prowess of Soros and the results of this dynamic gamble. It was referred to as “Black Wednesday” in Britain and it happened on September 17th, 1992. That is the day that the pound fell because Great Britain floated its currency. It was now worth significantly less in relation to other currencies. Some lost a bundle and very few speculators like George Soros created a fortune.

Soros had built a Quantum Fund which he used to bet nearly $15 million that this very thing would occur. He was totally accurate in his prediction which made the billions he had to borrow to make the trade well worth it. They created a value of their fund which was measured between the value of the pound. This increase was instant and fantastic. This hedge fund and the investors immediately received a $7 billion increase on their investment. This is the manner in which George Soros became a billionaire and a very successful entrepreneur. It became known as the trade of the century and has made Soros one of the most sought after voices when it comes to stating opinions in financial matters.

The result of the bet for Great Britain’s economic system was devastating. In fact it brought the entire financial sector of the country to its knees. In any gamble there are winners and losers and the British taxpayers and others who believed in the currency were the losers. It takes a lot of knowledge of the markets, currency values and macroeconomics to be able to create the type of process that caused this phenomenon. Like him or not, you have to have a lot of respect for the knowledge that George Soros possesses in order to understand the factors at play and to act on them so effectively. It is also important to remember that at the time, the hedge fund was not something that the public was really aware of, and the restrictions that limited the flow of capital from one country to another had just been eliminated. It was unchartered territory and George Soros was the right navigator.

Read this article at Washington Times.

George Soros has used his platform to help create a better world. He speaks out on human rights issues because he feels like he should. George Soros is behind a movement called the Open Societies which looks to create transparency in government and to provide educational opportunities to people. He believes it is through education that people can be uplifted. He was intricate in bringing hope to many Eastern Europeans during the Cold War by sponsoring cultural exchanges. He also was a major force in establishing universities on that taught critical thinking after the fall of communism. George Soros took the greatest gamble in history and turned it into a win for the people of the world.

Your Dog Needs Tasty and Nutritious Beneful

Happy dogs are easy to spot. They are those of our furry family and friends that are healthy and thus, properly fed. That is what Beneful dog food is all about: taste variety and high levels of nutrition. The many varieties produced by Beneful have very specific flavors and chewing textures that our doggy best friends dream about. The workers at Beneful all stand proudly behind the products they put so much loving attention into. They know that your dogs will not only love the flavors of the products they work hard to produce, they know the health of those dogs is upheld fully. They are glad to see shiny coats and happy tongue-slapping faces.
Dogs take a very particular interest in the food they eat. Since we humans do not usually take to eating the same food, we might not really get it. To a dog, the high points of every day is that moment when you crank the can opener or open a bag of dry food. They come running quick when they smell Beneful. If you care about your dog’s well being, make sure you buy on Wal-Mart one of the many varieties. You might want to try them all to find the best mix that works well for your dogs.

Beneful comes in many forms and flavors. It is also available online on Some are wet and come in cans with the handy snap rings for easy opening. Some are dry kibble and come in durable recyclable bags. Here are the four most-popular varieties of Beneful:


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  • Beneful® Wet Dog Food Medleys

Your dogs need the nutrition and they love the flavors, so treat your best friends to the best dog food. Beneful creates full-sized, happy, healthy, and energetic dogs. Get some today (link here: and keep your furry family members in the best shape of their lives.