Lime Crime Lets Me Express Who I Am

I really like makeup. Ever since I was about ten, I’ve wanted to wear makeup. When my mom finally let me wear makeup, I was so happy. I realized that I had the best way to help express my inner thoughts on my face. Since that time, I’ve been able to find some great makeup companies online. One of the best of all the online makeup companies right now is a company that I love called Lime Crime. Lime Crime has so much to offer any buyer.

Makeup For Creative People

I think the best thing about buying my products from Lime Crime is that I can work with a company that offers creative products of all kinds. The makeup they sell isn’t just the kind of ordinary stuff you will find in most stores. It’s really designed to help you express your own inner creativity. I really like to play around with makeup and experiment with different kinds of looks. One day I’ll feel really goth while the next I might aim for pretty. I like that I can find products from Lime Crime that let me do just that. I love how I can pick out makeup from them for nearly any occasion I might have in mind.

Many Options

Another thing I really like about Lime Crime is just how many options that you have when purchase their items. You can pick from so many potential colors and shades. I love having all kinds of options when it comes to makeup each day. I typically have at least three lipsticks in my pocketbook at all times. This lets me decide what kind of makeup I want to wear when I’m outside. I can do a brief touch up during the day or I can add an entirely new look if that’s what I really want to do. This lets me choose from many different options instead of just a few things. It also lets me decide on multiple kinds of makeup if that’s what I want. I like having such options when I’m going to order makeup.  Check out DollsKill which has the full line.

All You Need To Know About The US Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve is the leading provider of government issued coins in the United States according to cbs19. The company was founded some time ago by the gold market veterans who have the knowledge in the industry. They understood the need to have a reliable and top notch customer care service, the trustworthy guidance when buying precious metals and expert market knowledge in the industry. The company has all these qualities combined, meaning that the customers will get the service they need when acquiring their metals.
The U. S Money Reserve is among the largest distributors in the United States of America, and most of the time, it deals with government issued silver, gold and platinum coins. The company works with thousands of clients in the country who have realized the importance of owning gold coins.

Since the institution was formed, it has continually strived to ensure that it provides consumers all over the country with the best government issued coins in the market. For many years now, many clients have earned the trust of the company. They understand that the institution has the ability to help them choose the coins that have the highest value. People who have chosen to invest in the company in the past are enjoying good profits today because they were advised to buy the right metals.

If you choose to buy your precious metals from the U.S. Money Reserve, do it will all the confidence you have. Because it is the best and largest distributor in the precious metals, the company has a team that will ensure that you get the highest level of service, and the coins you purchase from here will be exceptional too. The company has put in place some measures to ensure that the customer is in protected always, and they are always keen to ensure that you do not get any losses.

The company is led by Mr. Philip, who currently is the CEO. He was previous the president of Mint, and he has all the knowledge required to handle the competitive company in the competitive market. Since he took over the leadership of the company, Philip has done all he can to ensure that the U. S Money Reserve moves to greater heights. He recently introduced an online shop for the company to ensure that the company serves the clients even better. Thanks to the new introduction, many people will now have all the knowledge they require about precious metals, and why it is important to have them.

Check out US Money Reserve’s facebook page.

White Shark Media Accounts for Phone Customers


In the every changing digital world, the way to access companies has evolved. Originally, people only accessed online companies through the Internet. However, some companies offer people to contact them through the phone. White Shark Media has effectively increased the visits for many companies. However, one issue that companies have to face is tracking and analysis. The technology needed to track visits and inquiries over the website is different from the technology that could track phone calls. White Shark Media was faced with this review when customers have told them that they can’t track the customers that visit them through the phone.

White Shark Media has looked for ways to solve this issue. One solution that they settled on is joining up with Marchex in order to offer call tracking for each and every client. They understand the importance of tracking phone calls so that they can get a better analysis of the business they are getting. Now, it is mandatory for every client signed up under them to have call tracking. It is also include as a free feature under Youtube AdWords management. This makes it easier for clients to find ways to improve their business so that it could continue to grow.

White Shark Media shows that it values its customer and takes every feedback and review into consideration for updating the way it does business. While there are businesses that ignores customer feedback, White Shark Media is not one of them. However, it wouldn’t be wise to adjust business according to everything customers say. White Shark Media makes sure that the feedback is something that would actually improve their services to their clients and not alienate their clients. They try not to be one of the businesses that take away something that worked so well for the company.

A Befitting List of Commitments Fill Jon Urbana’s Life

Jon Urbana has a long list of accomplishments and the continue to keep getting longer. He recently attained his certification to become a certified pilot and was recognized by the FAA. To become certified, the pilot must meet or exceed the necessary medical and safety measure, and Jon Urbana by far exceeded them. He takes being a pilot very seriously and ensures that anyone that is flying with him is safe and secure at all times.

Jon grew up in Colorado, and has always enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful state. He has enjoyed the outdoors for as long as he can remember, and valued the environment and how it’s cared for. He has recently started a GoFundMe for Earth Force to help raise money for the organization. It is geared towards education the youth and giving them the necessary tools to understand how to care for the environment. Not only does he have a love for animals, but he goes above and beyond to help facilities care for them. Right now he is focusing on a charity fundraising online even that helps raise money for a cat shelter that does not kill cats. They simply look for permanent homes for them, but need help with food and supplies to care for them while they are there.

Urbana is a lacrosse player that used to play professionally. He has since retired, but decided to open up a camp for the youth called Next Level Lacrosse. Jon Urbana opened the camp in 2011 with his friend and they focus on helping the younger kids learn how to play the sport. Registration is currently open and they can’t wait to get started training the kids of tomorrow’s lacrosse world.

Ellipse USA is a laser treatment center that actually has offices all over the United States. Jon Urbana is currently head of the office located in Denver, Colorado. The treat patients all over the area for their skin care needs and skin care problems such as scarring and wrinkles. They treat other issues too. Jon takes care of the every day operations and functions.

China’s Economic Woes May Be The Catalyst For A Global Recession According To George Soros

China has an enormous amount of economic power. For the last 50 years, the Chinese manufacturing base provided the world with almost every product under the sun. The prices were so low that manufacturing companies around the world had to close their doors because competing with the Chinese was a lost cause. China became the king of the cheap market, and it kept wholesale and retail markets stocked with quantity, not quality. It looked like China was going to be the king of cheap forever, but something happened about five years ago. China’s manufacturing base started to sneeze from labor and material increases, and parts of the world came down with a recessionary cold, according to hedge fund investor and social activist, George Soros.

The question that trading partners and investors started to ask was, is China’s factory base sicker than the Chinese say it is. After all, China’s GDP was in overdrive. Year after year, for the last 20 years, China’s GDP was growing at a rate of seven percent a year, but that rate dropped in 2015 to less than 6.8 percent, and emerging markets started to unravel.

Soros thinks China’s currency value is inflated, and it will depreciate in 2016 regardless of China’s capital investments. That will have an impact on other Asian currencies and economies. George Soros, the emerging market investor, and economics expert, told that China is the main reason there is a recession in Brazil and other emerging markets.

The fact that a recession in Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Taiwan shouldn’t have an impact on the United States economy, but it has. Even though the U.S. GDP growth rate is in the neighborhood of 3.8 percent, economists say that rate is unstainable because of emerging market export bubble is popping. China is one of the agents responsible for that popping, but there are other factors that George Soros mentions as the ingredients for a global recession.

Another factor is the potential collapse of the European Union. Several EU members are dangling from the ledge of bankruptcy. European GDP product growth is weak, and it is getting weaker because the euro has lost its ability to appreciate against other currencies. The migration crisis is making matter worse for the EU, and the wars in the Middle East continues to derail Europe’s chance to pull out of their economic tailspin.

The drop in crude oil prices may be good for consumers, but it has been bad for countries around the globe. Corporate earnings started to drop in 2015, and there’s a chance 2016 will be another bad year for earnings. Soros recently told an interviewer that when all of those issues are considered, the threat of a global recession on the scale of the 2008 meltdown is extremely likely, and some economists say will happen in 2016.

Doe Deere’s Fashion Sense

Thousands think of Doe Deere as the unicorn queen. This unicorn queen is also the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She thinks of her cosmetic customers as unicorn queens too. They are the type of people that like her whimsical makeup line. They realize that it is a unique makeup line that welcomes self expression. Doe Deere is one beauty expert that knows breaking fashion and beauty rules takes guts. However, Deere is able to break those fashion and beauty rules with great fashion sense. The pastel haired beauty has quite a few rules that she likes to break. Her number one rule is to break at least one of the traditional fashion rules every chance that you get.

Traditional Rules
The traditional rules are very outdated. The traditional rules try to create a uniform look for every woman. However, Doe Deere believes that women should learn to use their creativity to create an individual look. For example, one day they might feel young and fabulous, although they are forty something. Create an outfit and makeup look to suit the mood. For example, mix several patterns and fun colors together. Go wild. The next day, one might feel like a kid. Create an outfit and makeup to match that mood. Doe believes in mixing wild pastels and bold fun colors to create a youthful look. Clearly, Doe Deere believes in dressing the way that you feel at the moment.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere’s whimsical makeup line has created a lot of interest. Her fans would like to know a little bit more about her origins. Doe Deere was born in Russia. However, Deere grew up in New York City. Her great fashion and beauty sense started very young. This was due to the exposure to fashion and beauty in New York. Doe Deere looked for a makeup line that allowed her to show her creative side. She came up empty handed. This led to her creating Lime Crime, her own cosmetic line.

Doe Deere was looking for a name to represent her unique cosmetic line. She modeled her cosmetic line after her fashion line on an auction site. Lime Crime is representative of bright, bold, and mysterious colors. In 2008, Lime Crime was launched. Doe Deere has not looked back since that starting point. She looks forward to creating more fabulous colors and products to guide women to using their creative side.

George Soros Returns to Political spending with $8 million Donation to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

George Soros made a huge comeback to political donations, in the month of December, when he gave $6 million to a super PAC that supports Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The massive contribution brings Soros’ donations to $8 million. Priorities USA Action was the super PAC that received the donation. In the second half of 2015, Priorities USA Action raised $25 million. That is according to a report submitted to the Federal Election Commission. The total amount raised by the PAC in 2015 was $41 million. Heading into 2016, it had $36 million left in its accounts.

Other donors that made major contributions in 2015 include Hollywood entrepreneur, Haim Saban, who donated $3 million together with his wife Cheryl Saban. Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler donated $1.5 million apiece as well as the Working for Working Americans super PAC, which is union affiliated. However, Soros contribution was the most striking. This is because among the rich Democrats, Soros is considered as a leader and he is one of the few that has shown the willingness to donate eight figures during an election cycle. In 2004, he gave out more than $20 million to groups opposing the then President, George Bush. However, this move did not work. Soros was forced to cut his big political spending.
Priorities USA Action was among the super PACs tirelessly courting George Soros heading into 2016. His huge contribution will definitely be viewed as a motivating sign as the election cycle comes around wherein conservative billionaires are expected to contribute over $ 1 billion to super PACs. In 2012, despite of strong courtship, Soros donated only $ 1 million to priorities USA that was supporting President Obama’s bid for reelection at the time. This information was reported on Politico as provided in the following link
George Soros is the founder of Open Society, a group of foundations that partners and runs projects in over 100 countries across the globe. Open Society is distinct from other charities due to its dedication to the idea of an open society where authorities are accountable, rights are respected and no one individual has the monopoly of truth. Soros made the biggest intensive effort in history by bringing the Roma people of Europe to the conventional world. This information was originally mentioned on Open Society Foundation’s website as found in the link below
Aside from his philanthropy work, Soros is a bestselling author. Soros has written several essays and books that offer invaluable insights on how he approaches business especially investments. Additionally, his books share his opinions on politics, globalization, open societies and economics. His literary works include The Crash of 2008 and What it Means, George Soros on Globalization and Underwriting Democracy. This information as mentioned on as highlighted in the following link

It’s All About the Drama: The Queens of Drama

Soap operas are well liked show for many housewives? Why? Because soaps are filled with drama and drama is what daytime television watchers like to see. Soap opera fans can now experience all the excitement they desire on the reality-based show Queens of Drama.

Former soap opera stars Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Crystal Hunt and Vanessa Marcil co-star on the program. All six of these ladies were extremely popular soap opera stars back in their day. Now, they all appear as business partners and friends in this drama about them owning a production company together.

All six of these soap stars ban together to start a production company that produces soap operas. They not only play themselves in the program they also play alternate versions of themselves on the show. While the six ladies are coming together to operate and manage their company they also have problems with each other. Hence, the drama. Yes, the ladies love to fight, argue and get into all sorts of trouble with men. This is especially true for Crystal Hunt as she makes evident on Facebook.

Most soap opera fans on Instagram remember Crystal Hunt as Lizzie Spaulding from her role on the Guiding Light during the early 2000s. She also appeared on One Life to Live between 2009 and 2012 as Stacy Morasco. Hunt has been busy with her life after her time on the soaps.

She not only does Queens of Drama; she also appeared in movies such as Magic Mike XXL and the new horror movie Talbot County. She actually co-produced this movie with her good friend and fellow actress Dania Ramirez. Hunt is trying to stay busy producing and with acting.

Donna Mills is also on the show and this veteran actress has been around for decades. She appears on the show as the leader of the ladies. She and Hunt are constantly at each others throats over decisions that they make together and the best course of action to take to run the business. The show also features special guests stars such as Joan Collins.

The Queens of Drama is featured on the POP network. It debuted in April of 2015 and the second season is scheduled for April of 2016. The show had garnered over 100,000 viewers during its first season and is expected to do much during its second season. The Queens of Drama is the type of show that will keep soap opera fans caught up in the action and excitement.

Shaygan Kheradpir Propelling Coriant to New Heights

Coriant is a telecommunications and Technology Company started in the year 2013. The company uses technology from Sycamore Networks, Tellabs, and Siemens Optical Networks. Coriant came into existence after becoming independent from Nokia Siemens Networks. Shaygan Kheradpir, who is the CEO and Chairman of the company’s board, heads the company.

Coriant is a trendsetter in the world of telecommunications, through the development of innovative and dynamic networking solutions, geared to give the optimum service to their clients in a cloud-enabled business world that is changing fast. These innovations are enabling network operators to simplify operational complexity. Additionally, they also allow for the creation of new revenue-generating services that are structured to meet the evolving demands of consumer applications.

Coriant has a distinguished reputation of over 35 years of innovation, because of the merging of technologies from Sycamore Networks, Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Nokia Siemens Networks. As a result of this rich heritage, Coriant has its presence in over 100 countries world over, serving leading network operators in these countries. Coriant renders their services to varying clients, including mobile and fixed line service, cloud and data center operators, content providers, financial institutions, government agencies among other customers.

Coriant provides both products in the form of hardware and software for optical transmission as well as support services. One of the key factors that make Coriant a force to reckon with is the excellent customer service. This result from the high technological experience passed on from the companies that provide Coriant with its wealth of technology.

One critical factor that can be attributed to the success of Coriant is the leadership of this great company. Shaygan Kheradpir, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. He is a proven leader having gained his experience throughout his career spanning over 28 years.

Shaygan is a proud alumni of Cornell University. He holds Ph.D., master’s, and bachelors degrees in the field of engineering. He is a recognized innovator with several patents in the fields of media and telecommunication in his name.

Before Coriant, Mr. Kheradpir has been in various companies holding different leadership positions. The young Kheradpir began his career at GTE Corporation before going on to become Verizon’s Chief Information Officer. Shaygan worked in the finance sector as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclays Bank. Later on, Shaygan Kheradpir would become Juniper Network’s CEO before joining Marlin Equity Partners as an Operating Partner.