TOWN Real Estate Thrives

The Big Apple has always presented a certain type of allure to visitors. Many people that are coming here to visit are coming back to stay. This city provides a scenery that is fueled by a backdrop of entertainment with bright lights, fancy restaurants and a mirage of premium properties. Real estate companies like TOWN Reality are getting a lot of customers that are interested in renting and buying properties in this area.

It is evident that areas like Manhattan have a lot of luxury condos for people to consider. This is part of the attraction of the NYC upscale areas. TOWN Real Estate has become a dominant player in this industry by providing some top dollar residential properties that customers are really falling for. TOWN Real Estate is among the top companies in the real estate companies in the New York area. This is a company that is known for selling luxury homes.

TOWN Real Estate has a lot of different properties that the wealthy are interested in. It has become the spot for realtors that are interested in selling luxury homes. There are a lot of condos to sell, along with brownstones and a variety of upscale apartments.

There are many people that are interested in moving to New York because it is an area that is easy to get around in. Many people that choose to move to the city do not even buy cars because they don’t need vehicles. They take the various means of transportation and others may even decide to book through different neighborhoods. The variety of activity and the ability to get around the city, whether by taxi or train, has made New York one of the hottest spots for young crowds. There are a lot of wealthy older people that are buying the multi-million dollar condos, but there is also room for a lot of the young executives that are working on Wall Street.

Many people decide to come to you New York and because it is the city that never sleeps. There is always something to do and somewhere to go when a person moves to this city. What TOWN Real Estate has done is make it easier for those that are interested in living in New York City life. This company provides some of the best possible properties for those that can afford to live in the Big Apple.

Bruice Levenson Continues To Support Philanthropy School

Bruce Levenson has long been known in the world of business as the co-founder of the analytics group UCG, and for his sporting adventures with the Atlanta Hawks. PR Newsire has recently been highlighting the philanthropic efforts of Bruce Levenson and wife Karen in seeking to continue their support of The University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. The Levenson’s have been major supporters of the center since it was floated as an idea by Maryland officials, a time that saw Bruce Levenson provide seed funding to aid in establishing the center and its initial programs. In recent months the Levenson family have continued their support for the center with a $5.6 million donation according to Forbes and designed to allow the center to continue its speedy growth. The donation will aid The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership as it attempts to continue to raise awareness of good causes around the world. Part of the attraction for Bruce and Karen Levenson in being such strong supporters of the center was the chance to create a culture of giving across campus. PR Newswire has produced an article detailing the mission of the center as being to produce a student body dedicated to aiding worthwhile causes, according to Times’ Bruce Levenson. Read the full article here:

The Perfect Beneful Food For Every Stage Of Life

Delicious, nutritious, and offering a large variety of choices is what Beneful foods brings to pet owners. Loving your dog is one thing, but loving them through a nutritious diet will keep them around longer, and keep them healthy and active.
Beneful foods offer many different options to the pet owner from dry kibbles, to wet moist options, and delicioud treats that will leave your dog clammoring for more. When choosing the right Beneful food for your beloved pet, be sure to get the formula for his or her stage of life and activity level.
Dogs in their prime of life will love Beneful Originals line of dry kibble. These three unique formulas are made with chicken, beef, or salmon. They are formulated to support a strong immune system, healthy teeth and bones, and a shiny coat. The Originals line will add a plentitude of energy and help your dog stay active and fit.
Healthy Puppy
The Beneful Healthy Puppy formula helps give the new addition to your family plenty of nutrients to help them grow up big and strong. Easy to chew in smaller bite sizes, puppies love the real chicken in this food. Plenty of grains and fresh vegetables are the key ingredients to help your puppy be strong and healthy throughout its younger years. Playful Life
As the dog continues to grow, their body will need special nutrients and proteins to generate energy and help them play. Playful Life dry kibble from Beneful is made with real beef and fresh eggs. These offer the proteins their bodies need to make energy, develop lean muscle, and stay active. Formulated for dogs in their later puppy and early adult stages playful is perfect for most dogs.
Finally we must consider the smaller dog breeds. Incredibites by Beneful is made with the toy and small breeds in mind. These two formulas on Amazon are made with beef and with chicken. They are smaller in size making them easier to chew, swallow and digest. Perfect for toy and small breeds Incredibites will be your dogs new favorite food.

New Era of colors, colors and more colors!

Lime Crime is a hot new company that offers today’s makeup with a brand new spin. No more boring, drab makeup being sold with old marketing ideas. Lime Crime actually shows the makeup and the texture online with all the beautiful bursts of color and their attributes showing through. Lime Crime has makeup available for the lips, eyes, nails and hair. There is no other company that has as many shades of color and textures as Lime Crime. The company does not believe in animal cruelty, and the makeup is made to demonstrate this belief. Not only are there no animal-derived ingredients, but there is no animal testing at any point.

Personality, personality, and more personality is what the products of Lime Crime is all about. Choose lip colors from Black Velvet (Blackest Black) to Wicked (Deep Red) to Trouble (Olive)! Or if you dare experiment with our eye colors ranging from Pumpkin Spice Creamy matte to Luminous Cornflower Blue! Lime Crime has unleashed a new era of makeup, catering to an audience that simply could not find colors daring enough. Well look no further this agency has gone beyond the limits taking you exactly where you want to go. Show off your nails with Once in a Blue Mousse, or dare to make heads turn with Lime Crime’s brand line of hair dye.

Doe Deere is the owner of Lime Crime. She started her own business on Ebay, after realizing that bold makeup colors are extremely hard to find. After a successful run on Ebay Doe was prompted to start her own business. With confidence and motivation she has strived to move forward, investing time and hard work into making her company well known throughout the community.

After working on various jobs Doe knew that starting her business was something she wanted to do. As a Russian born New Yorker full of imagination and spunk, Doe Deere has inspired many makeup companies with her innovative marketing ideas. Utilizing new age online tools to demonstrate the utmost beauty of makeup color and texture. Marketing involves reaching out to the shopper, whether in an expected or unexpected way. Catching the attention of a customer is a unique quality that Doe Deere has mastered and it shows in her company.