Guilherme Paulus: Business and Passion From Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is a successful businessman of Brazil who began his accomplishments as a young man. Guilherme decided to take an internship at IBM at 20 years old and learned much about business during this time in his life while studying Business Administration. After this was completed, he networked and found an investor for his first company Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour Ltda. Building the company from the ground up at 24 years, Guilherme Paulus became a very successful businessman as he opened many stores within Brazil.

One of Guilherme Paulus’ strategies is providing value by bringing social awareness through his company. The sectors included are mental health counseling and healthcare. As of late, the company has gone public and is worth billions. In 2017, he was selected as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Isto E Dinheiro.

Guilherme Paulus attributes part of his success to his mindset of gratitude, which he starts each day with. He also believes in writing out his weekly schedule. He credits his business venture ideas to faith itself. A way that Paulus stays in tune with his business is staying in hotels close to the operations being enacted. This way, he can understand the tasks the company completes and can fix errors easier than before.

Guilherme Paulus believes that talent and hard work combined is the most powerful tool the entrepreneur can use. He truly believes in staying positive no matter what is a gift. Paulus credits google for being the best aid that the entrepreneur has seen so far. Being educated from doing research from this site, then taking one step at a time is something that Paulus encourages entrepreneurs to do to be successful.

Today Guilherme Paulus has a number of accomplishments. He owns multiple companies, but one that should be noted is GJP Hotels and Resorts, which is the largest hotel chain in Brazil. He sold his part of Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour Ltda to the Carlyle Group for $750 million and continues to grow each endeavor he attempts. Paulus continues to be a great example of a passionate businessman.

Fortress Investment Group is Acquired by SoftBank

Fortress Investment Group is a company that specializes in financial services for institutional investors. It provides asset management for private equity and real estate firms. It also serves a number of other industries as well such as energy, transportation and entertainment. The firm was founded in 1998 by three individuals. Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kaufman came together to form Fortress Investment Group. Once founding the firm, they quickly built it into one of the most reputable financial services firms in the entire world. During the last two decades, the firm has continued to build its reputation as a dependable investment and asset management firm.


One of the reasons why Fortress Investment Group has been very successful is its leadership. The executives of the firm regularly work very hard to meet the needs of all of its clients. They always strive to assess the needs of clients and look for ways to best manage their capital. Anytime a client is happy with the services provided, the founders and executives are often very pleased. As well as having a very effective management team, Fortress also has a wide range of services that ensure that clients of all types get the assistance they need to reach their financial goals.

In 2017, Fortress Investment Group was involved in a significant transaction. It was bought out by SoftBank. This company is based in Japan and specializes in acquiring technology and telecommunications companies. It acquired Fortress in an effort to expand and diversify its business holdings. SoftBank acquired Fortress for a sum of $3.3 billion. With this acquisition, SoftBank will now be in position to expand its global presence and make significant progress towards investing in businesses based in North America.

Many experts in the business and finance industries believe that SoftBank’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group will be very beneficial. It will allow the company to raise capital and increase its number of assets. The acquisition of Fortress will also enable SoftBank to be involved in the highly lucrative financial sector as well. All of this will ensure that SoftBank continues to reach its expansion goals in the future.



Meet Guilherme Paulus: A Hardworking Global Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is a hardworking global entrepreneur and a Brazilian hotelier. He is actually the head of Board of Advisors of a tour firm CVC Brasil as well as GJP Hotels. Guilherme Paulus is one of the few business people with hotels and resorts in every corner of Brazil. He started his career at IBM as an intern. He has been growing steadily since then and he is now recognized as one of the most influential business people in the country.

Many people wonder how comes Paulus has been able to grow from a humble background to become a global entrepreneur so fast? If you have never met him or talked to him, you may not agree on whether it’s possible for a person to rise from a humble background to greatness in a relatively short period. But the truth is that this is very possible especially if you have patience, commitment, and dedication.

Guess what? GJP Hotels & Resorts operates about twenty hotels & resorts. It has hotels in Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Maceio. Currently, the company has employed more than five thousand people. Guilherme Paulus got into the hotel business in the year 1995. Since then, more than ninety-five thousand individuals have worked in one or more of his properties.

While Guilherme Paulus was a young man, he was privileged to meet one of the powerful politicians in the country by then, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. They talked for a relatively long period and mainly concentrated on doing business. The politician revealed that he actually wanted to begin a tourist agency near his living place, Santo Andre.

After a long discussion, Guilherme Paulus and Carlos Vicente Cerchiari agreed to work together. The agreement was that Paulus was to provide the groundwork as well as the initial efforts. On the other hand, the politician was to provide the money needed to make the project a reality. When it came to choosing a venue, Paulus thought of a place with lots of traffic, movement, and continuous flow of individuals. He actually chose a place near the gate of a movie theater. He knew very well that he would always get customers.

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Chris Burch makes a difference

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Chris Burch is in the business for many reasons. First of all, he wants to make profits and grow a fortune. This is a common thing in most of the business people. However, his dreams do not need there. Chris wants to improve the working conditions for his employs.

Furthermore, he wants all his clients to get the best deals and have a reason for coming back for services. Regarding his investors, Chris wants them to reap big from the investments he partners with them. Perhaps what really defines his business is his relentless efforts wanting to give back to the community. This has been singled out as the attribute which has made his company to thrive and undo a majority of his competitors in all the industries he has invested is money. He takes all his businesses to a whole new level. Outside the world of hospitality, Chris is known for his fashion brands by the name of Tory Burch.

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Moreover, he has made investments in big many technology brands like Jaw Bone. He understands the essential role technology plays in the current world. As such, Chris made a lot of efforts to ensure that he is also a part of the modern success story. His brands and all the investments reflect the various technological aspects in the current world. From the iconic design of his hotels to assisting entrepreneurs in the technology sector, he has a big heart for this sector. Perhaps this gives us a reason to pay more attention to this industry which is redefining the modern world.

Victoria Doramus: Breaking Down the Life and Contributions of The Consumer Trends Expert

Vitoria Duramus has made a name for herself in the world of digital where she is considered an expert identification, evaluation, and documentation of consumer trends. Her innovative approach to marketing makes her the go-to person for brands seeking to identify and correct flaws with their existing campaigns or launch new ones altogether. It, therefore, would be interesting to understand her background and the inspiration behind her success as well unmatched dedication to charity.

Getting into the marketing scene

The long and illustrious career in the marketing and media industry started in 2006 when she served as an assistant media planner for Los Angele’s Mindshare. She would then graduate into different roles within the industry like Youth Market trend analyze in 2007 and Lifestyle trend editor in 2010. She also developed interest and creative and copywriting as well as research and she worked as a ghostwriter for different authors and freelance sites. Fusing her trend analysis and creative content creation would eventually profess her a consumer trends expert.

Involvement in charity

Army Winehouse foundation

This London based foundation was is named after pop legend wine house and is dedicated to helping individuals fight addiction. Victoria Doramus is a volunteer to the foundation where she offers her skills in addiction and recovery. She is also constantly witting and publishing different articles about the foundation and this goes a long way in attracting support to the institution.

Room To Read

Victoria Doramus is also appreciative of the privileged lives most people in the developed world live and the dire situation in the rest of the world. She, therefore, joined the Room To Read not-for-profit organization that helps children in developing countries gain access to education. The movement achieves by providing scholarships to bright students, especially girls, in these countries.

To date, the Room To Read movement has helped build over 1500 schools in ten developing African and Asian countries. Additionally, the movement has set up over 15,000 libraries that have over the years helped over 12 million students gain access to educational materials. She has also written and published extensively about the movement and their role in the advancement of global education.

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Gareth Henry: The Experienced Financial Analyst

Gareth Henry is a financial specialist in the real-estate sector. Gareth has a passion in mathematics which helps him to analyze shares at the Wall Street. He has worked with various companies including fortress investment group. The company grew in share capital to his financial strategy.

About real estate, Gareth Henry believes it is a long-term investment that is worth considering. One cannot go wrong with passive income; he advises that the sector can remain relevant for decades as long as an investor reinvests back to the business to improve the outlook of the structure.

As financial advisor, Gareth Henry advises the investors in the real estate sector to improve their amenities so that they can earn money for a more extended period. An old apartment can be made attractive by adding to it a captivating landscape that can make the area serene. Adding waterfalls or swimming pool to a residence would add its value and attraction to tenants.

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Management of the real estate itself is challenging with increased irresponsible tenants who may not adhere to stipulated rules and regulation. The hiring of reputable real estate agents would come in handy in solving this matter.

Evaluation of building is necessary over time to determine if there are aspects that need fixing. Application of well-designed paints using interior designers’ advice would significantly improve the outlook of the house. It will attract some tenants similar to other newer buildings.

Gareth Henry is a focused individual with a passion for his work. He has a ten-year experience working in this field of finance. The employees at fortress investments believe that Henry is a visionary leader who enjoys being part of a dedicated team. He continually empowers his staff through financial education talks that have helped them always to give their best. He is also admired by his achieved which he asserts its due to keeping to his schedule and time allocation for each planned task.

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Entrepreneur Dick DeVos

Most people have seen the DeVos family in the news this past year. Part of that is because of philanthropy, and the other part is the moves that the family is making politically. For the last time, the DeVos family worked with the Michigan Republican Party, but as Betsy DeVos was elected to become the 11th US Secretary of Education, everything changed. Dick DeVos also started working with the FAA in September 2017, showing that business leaders truly make great advisers in order to grow an industry.


So why is DeVos perfect for the council? First, the Management Advisory Council combines the talents and knowledge of transportation authorities as well as airline executives in order to achieve better policies, regulations, and plans for future growth. DeVos may not own an airline but he has been the CEO of Amway, which is one of the largest and most profitable Fortune 500 companies currently.


DeVos also started working the airport in his hometown, putting Grand Rapids on the map. While the town had always had an airport, it wasn’t until 1999 that the airport started getting noticed. Still, sales were pretty terrible until new destinations were added at the AirTran Airways travel terminal. This was all due to a phone call by the legendary Dick DeVos to the CEO of AirTran Airways. It only took one phone to convince the CEO that he should add on St. Louis, Vegas, Orlando, and Denver to the destinations.


DeVos had a plan to bring in new business travelers. He had already built the DeVos Place Convention Center in downtown Grand Rapids, which was also part of the plan to bring in more business to the area. DeVos thought that if he could get business travelers on a circuit for his hometown, then he would be able to put the city on the map and generate new traffic at the same time for the airport.


This actually worked and led to an incredible profit margin. Fueled by a $45 million fund, Gerald R. Ford International Airport actually expanded last year in 2018. Now the airport has a new business traveler center, food court, and lots of technology upgrades in the terminals.


DeVos has been meeting with the new council ever since last September and will continue to meet with the FAA throughout 2019 as they work on new growth plans.


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Hussain Sajwani’s Thrust Into Modern Development

Hussain Sajwani is the most influential real estate developer in all of Dubai. His work has come to be known for being an unbelievable boost to the tourist industry going as far as to create a bump in the economy and establish a large influx of money from outside president’s work has left a huge positive mark on Canada creating a sense of celebrity for Sajwani that has gotten him invites to prestigious parties full of celebrities and business moguls. This success has allowed him to network and meet some unbelievable people. One of his most influential deals came under the leadership of President of the United States Donald Trump.

Deal With Donald Trump

Sajwani’s deal with Donald trump allowed him to entertain his first large-scale development deal with a Western property developer. This was finally one of the most influential parts of Sajwani’s career as it would position Sajwani to be able to bridge the gap between Dubai business practices and that of the west and eventually strengthen their relationship as Donald Trump would go on to become president. Hussain Sajwani has since gone on to say that he would love to establish further deals and projects with trump in order to achieve greater success.

Sajwani’s Ground Breaking Deal With Donald Trump

Sajwani’s deal with Donald Trump allowed Sajwani to be able to establish a presidence with real estate developers from the United States, thus allowing him to create pieces of property conducive to the philosophies of Dubai that are favored by the culture and people. Since Dubai is a very conservative country in its policies and public practices, its incredibly important for Sajwani and his partner in order completely understand the cultural mores of the area. This has been well established by the real estate community in Dubai, and great awareness has been established with the ground-breaking deal.

Hussain Sajwani Continues to Be a pioneer in the middle-east within the real estate development industry. His time there has allowed him to expand globally and create relationships that would otherwise not be possible. Having a largely multicultural background has allowed Sajwani to increase his presence and establish himself as one of the most leading figures in modern development history.

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Susan McGalla: Becoming A Corporate Figure in Business

Statistics indicate that companies that hire equal numbers of female and male workers are 13 percent more likely to register better performance than their competitors. Companies with an ethnically diverse workforce are also 30 percent more likely to register better performance compared to competitors with some diversity in the organization. Experts have said that being open to emerging ideas is a significant component of an organization’s success. With a diverse spectrum of employers on board, it’s possible to get more perspectives from various workers including different age-sets, age groups, and ethnic backgrounds. Even though statistics indicate that there’s progress when it comes to hiring such individuals, it’s also clear that women constitute a few C-level positions in Fortune 500 Companies.

Many women struggle to join the C-level position. For Susan McGalla, breaking common barriers has never been an issue since she is a living example of proven success. Her story is inspirational to emerging women entrepreneurs who have committed most of their time to develop careers in the executive level. McGalla has been a significant trendsetter in the business since she was a young girl in college. With her father being a football coach, she learned how to be a leader from a tender age. Susan McGalla had several brothers, but she didn’t receive special treatment since when she needed something, she was tasked with working hard to have it. She attributes her success to that upbringing.

McGalla continued to put in a lot of effort in pursuing what she wanted. She became an executive leader for companies that she perpetually led. She established American Eagle Outfitters when only men were allowed to serve as executives. She also became an executive at the firm before she resigned to create other ventures. Today, she oversees business strategy at Pittsburg Steelers even though men mostly man the sports fraternity. While many organizations are implementing initiatives to boost female leadership, some women are still experiencing difficulties in joining the C-level executive category in their industries. But the glass ceiling exists. Therefore, Susan McGalla’s career is a perfect example of the possibilities of initiating changes in the corporate world.

David McDonald Continues to Make OSI Group One of the Greatest Food Companies in the World

OSI Group is a global food company that has been enjoying a large growth spurt over the last decade. David McDonald OSI Group president and chief operating officer, has been a large part of the reason why. He has been with OSI for more than thirty years and started with the company as soon as he graduated from college. OSI began as a small deli and meat market, which was founded by the German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. Now, many years later, it has found the right man to lead the way into the future.

David McDonald was raised on a farm in Iowa and received his bachelor’s degree in animal science at Iowa State University. He was honored with the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award and continues to support the college through its Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. McDonald has connected many outgoing students with OSI Group through internships and has continued to donate money to the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund.

Recently, David McDonald has been a large part of many different acquisitions and purchases by OSI. His hard work helped in the company’s acquisition of the Dutch food company, Baho Food. He was also an integral part of the purchase of Flagship Europe, which has been renamed Creative Foods Europe. It has been his experience with every aspect of the food distribution chain that has allowed him to be the kind of leader that the company needs.

David McDonald recently commented that some of the best decisions made by the management of OSI have been when they were made with their customers in mind. While the company always puts its customers first, it goes a step further by working with locals in every region it has facilities in. McDonald has also been working to improve the sustainability of OSI Group as well as how it handles its environmental practices. He admits that when he got started with the company that it was focused on growth. He loves that this is still its mission, and he expects to continue to be a large part of making it one of the best food companies in the world.