Paul Mampilly Goes From Helping The Ultra-Wealthy Make Money To Regular People

Over the course of two decades, Paul Mampilly worked in a range of positions on Wall Street. He began as an assistant to a portfolio manager in 1991. As he developed his investing skills and strategies he moved up into more important and influential positions such as senior portfolio manager and hedge fund manager. He was recruited by billion dollar companies who wanted him to manage their portfolios of investments. One of the portfolios he managed was named as providing one of the “World’s Best” returns by Barron.

There are a few problems with working on Wall Street. First, it’s very hectic and time-consuming. The other major problem is that you spend all your time and effort making money for people who already have more than enough of it. He decided to retire when he was in his early 40s so that he could enjoy his life more, spend time with his family, and help out regular people instead of the ultra-wealthy.

Paul Mampilly is now a research and investment analyst who puts out a financial newsletter, Profits Unlimited, for regular investors who want to save for retirement or other goals. He gives them the information they need to make great investments based on his meticulous research and investment strategies. He has also put in appearances on channels like CNBC and Fox Business News where he explains trends in various industries and what companies people should put their money in.

In 1991, when he joined Wall Street, everything was done by hand. Paul Mampilly says that computers have changed everything. Trading floors were once the heart of the action but they’re really on kept around now for appearances and tradition because nobody trades that way anymore. People use computers to track prices and buy and sell stocks of companies.

He says that do-it-yourself investors are still at a disadvantage, though. Back in the day, you could see what a star trader was doing and then mimic their moves. Stock pickers now have a much hard time because they’re now essentially on their own. That’s why Paul Mampilly wants to give these types of investors the edge through reading his research.

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Organo Gold- Transforming the Coffee Industry

Most people in the modern age cannot do without a mug of coffee each day. It has become like a tradition for most people to take coffee either in the morning or before retiring to bed. One brand that is reputed globally for providing excellent coffee and tea is Organo Gold. Their products are distributed through the company known as Organo. Since its inception in 2008; the company has stayed true to its promise of providing assorted items such as teas, coffees, nutraceuticals and personal care items.

Although Organo Gold has its headquarters in Richmond, Canada, they have operations in more than 45 countries. Their best product that has taken over the world by storm is Organo coffee. The coffee marketed and distributed by the company has stayed ahead of other brands for one reason; the rare ingredients infused into them. Organo coffee is infused with Ganoderma lucidum, an ancient Chinese fungus.

Indeed, the unique capabilities of Organo’s coffee have made it a household name among most coffee lovers globally. They have promoted the product as healthy and one that will provide you with benefits that other brands cannot. You stand to accrue a wide array of benefits by using Organo coffee. Some of them are detoxifying your body, increasing your energy levels, improving your immune system and tremendous weight loss.

Ways to Spice up your Organo Gold Coffee

Coffee lovers like to spice their drinks in various ways to give it that creamy taste. Some of the ways you can spice up your organo coffee is through infusing it with cinnamon mocha, pumpkin spices and iced orange creamsicle.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Keeping Clients Collected

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an established plastic surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has spent her formal fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Jennifer operatese two medical spas in Austin: The MedSpa at Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, The MedSpa at MW Hills. She also has a medical spa in New York City, Skintology- The MedSpa Manhattan by Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Jennifer Walden only provides the best service for her clientelle and she makes sure that their company is able to provide the best environment and experience for their clients. The Med Spas owned and ran by Dr. Jennifer Walden is known for their very accurate diagnosis, short wait times, promptness, a very accommodating and friendly staff, easy to book appointments, and a great follow-up program that is essential to client retention.

A lot of patients wish that they have found Dr. Jennifer Walden and her office first before they went to the doctors that they went to. One patient specifically got a revision rhinoplasty to fix her nose, and Dr. Jennifer Walden easily provided her with the dream nose. The staff and crew of the Med Spas are also very calm and collected which helps to keep your nerves on the low before the procedures. The patient even remembered the names: Michelle, Carlie, Leah, and Kim – and that’s a big statement when patients specifically remember the names of the crew.

One patient had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Jennifer Walden and her crew – and this is a procedure that is to be proud of. The client went in the office very worried, nervous and terrifed, but the crew of the office was extremely helpful and Dr. Jennifer Walden herself was there to keep the client calm and qualm those fears and worries.

Allied Wallet Lends a Helping Hand to Philippine E-Commerce

Allied Wallet is a company that provides online payment processing services to businesses around the globe. Allied Wallet has and will continue to contribute to the revolutionizing the e-commerce industry with the introduction of more new and innovative payment processing solutions so that online merchants may be enabled to receive and send payments anywhere in the world.

Allied Wallet provides its PCI compliant merchant services to businesses of every size. Further, Allied Wallet’s payment gateway are state-of-the-art and designed to optimize online transactions. Moreover, Allied is the most reliable plattform for online payment processing services that are compatible with the vast majority of online payment options, if not all. In sum, Allied Wallet facilitates online transactions by further connecting online buyers and sellers, with the result that more options are made available for online businesses to complete their transactions with buyers.

Recently, Allied Wallet helped to bring the Philippines to a greater extent into the age of digital payments. This, by providing the country with new integrated alternative payment methods. The Philippines is a country with a population of more than 105 million and relatively low rates of e-commerce adoption. Even though the e-commerce adoption rates were low, Philippine e-commerce had, in 2018, a market revenue of roughly €742 million. Further, the country’s projected annual growth rate in terms of market volume is expected to be approximately €1168 million by the year of 2022. Moreover, the Philippines is in greater need of alternative payment options for their e-commerce community given the fact that only 3% of the country’s population has a credit card. As such, the Philippines has a huge upside in terms of e-commerce growth.

According to Allied Wallet’s chief executive officer, Mr. Andy Khawaja, “Internet usage has grown more than 500% in the Philippines since 2011. This is the fastest rate in southeast Asia, and we want to support this growth.” Allied Wallet supports this growth by being compatible with Dragonpay, BancNet, and PayCash, some of the cash-based solutions used by the Filipino population to pay for online goods/services and by facilitating the Filipino population’s online purchases through connectivity with online merchants.

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Isabel dos Santos and Her Words of Wisdom

Isabel dos Santos doesn’t see her success as measured in billions of dollars. She looks at her status as measured by independence. Many First-World nations may find it difficult when empathizing with this narrative. In her Angolan heritage, it is the cultural standard for women to rely solely on men. Wealth and a world-class status often aren’t enough to change this dependence.

You see, it’s not the money that gives Isabel dos Santos her sense of freedom. Wealth doesn’t give her a voice. According to Isabel, the richest woman in Africa, it was the words of her father that had set her free. His words were spoken over the entire course of Isabel’s life. They were whispered, spoken plainly and revealed in his actions.

The words her father said would come to her memories in adulthood. His words moved her to be and to do things that, then, “weren’t done by women.” It was in a moment of reflection as a grown woman that Isabel realized what her father’s ambitions really were. Though she is renowned in the world and rich, Isabel’s passion is to share her father’s words of wisdom.

Where Business Analysis Redefined Her Success

Isabel also inspires us through her business ventures and her drive for success. She developed a knack for examining the values of supply and demand early on. These factors, as she had learned from her experience and failure, were the core concepts to measure before investing into a business. There’s a product in this world that people either do or do not want.

Measuring both the usefulness of something and its public demand became formidable skills as held by Isabel. Her businesses would grow into a large collection of enterprises, which covered many services, industries and nations over the years. From nightclubs to telecommunications, she has left no venture unexposed and no opportunity to waste.

Here’s a look at some of the businesses that Isabel dos Santos started and grew:

Miami Nightclubs

  • Miami Nightclubs

Financial Investments

  • Financial Investments


  • Telecommunications


  • Trucking

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McDonald’s Burgers and OSI Group’s Gunzburg Factory

These days you see all kinds of unique ingredients touted for your hamburger meat, from organic to excess sugar-laden to salty to etc., etc., and so on. While McDonald’s remains the most popular fast food in the country, it has seen its fair share of uses of unique ingredients to attract even more customers. Today’s McDonald’s burger is packed with preservatives. For years this preservative-fullness is to make these burgers last perfectly formed for years. In 1999 David Whipple set out to see if this was really the case. He put a McDonald’s burger in a cupboard and left it there for the next 13-plus years.

In 2013 he publicly revealed that his burger was almost in exactly the same condition as the day he put it in. Keith Wariner, program director of the University of Guelph Department of Food Sciences said that while impressive, Whipple’s experiment did nothing to prove that preservatives are the primary cause of the long-lasting burgers. In fact, he strongly believes that they have almost nothing at all to do with it. And according to McDonald’s itself preservatives can’t have anything to do with it for most of its food since the restaurant recently and very publicly stated that most of its food does not contain preservatives.

Business Insider recently toured a McDonald’s factory in Gunzburg, Germany to see how exactly its 5 million daily burgers are made. The Gunzburg factory is one of OSI Group McDonalds largest hamburger factories. OSI Group McDonalds was one of the first meat companies to produce meat for McDonald’s and its sole provider since the 70s. Although McDonald’s isn’t the only client of the OSI Group McDonalds Gunzburg factory, about 90% percent of its meat goes to them. All who go into the factory are required to abide by strict standards of hygiene. You must first wash your hands and dress in protective clothing to enter this OSI Group McDonalds factory.

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Carsten Thiel: Thoughts on Successful Entrepeneurship

After receiving a doctorate in molecular biology and biochemistry from Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Geottingen, Germany, Carsten Thiel ,Berlin- born biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical expert, has remained keenly interested in how DNA carries the pre-written code for every person’s future. This has led to 25 years of successful involvement in the medical industry.

After breakfasting with his family and catching up on the daily news, Thiel feels empowered to start his day, which begins with spending up to 25% of his time with board members and investors in the company. A further 10% is spent with doctors and customers. Staff members are not left out of this line of communication with Thiel, who believes that cohesiveness leads to collaboration, and collaboration, to successful launching of new products.

Having launched many new products, Thiel believes that success was due to the fact that he has remained inquisitive and asked many question in the early evolution of a potential product. This, he believes, saved much time and avoided problems at the end. “boots on the ground,” and good communication skills, haven’t hurt either, says Thiel. This contact has given him direct insights from consumers. He also says that putting humanity, empathy, personality and understanding ahead of making a profit, has also helped him grow his business.

As a successful entrepreneur, Thiel takes his business seriously and encourages all CEOs, leaders and innovators to do likewise. He puts the emphasis on teamwork providing all employees with the tools they need for success, the leadership that instills confidence and the guidance they may seek to grow.

In looking to the future, Thiel is adamant in his belief that biotechnology will be huge . His thoughts lie in the direction of a biotech company that addresses the needs of an unserved population, perhaps delivering a breakthrough therapy for some now incurable disease.

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OSI Food Solutions is a leading food company in the world

OSI Food Solutions is a leading food supplier in the world. The company has its main offices in Aurora, Illinois. It is one of the companies that is driven by the need to address pertinent issues that face the people. The food industry is a sensitive industry that needs to be handled with care. Food safety needs to be a priority in this industry, but unfortunately, very few companies observe the highest levels of food safety measures. OSI is among the companies that give the food production industry a good name.

OSI Food Solutions is under the management of chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin. The president and COO David McDonald assist him. With these two leaders at the helm of leadership, there is no doubt that this is a company that is headed in the right direction. By taking the necessary measures to streamline operations in the food industry, Sheldon and David have made this company one of the best food suppliers in the world.

OSI Food Solutions has established business operations in 17 different countries. To meet the demand that is coming from their customers, they have established 65 food production facilities around the world. Today, they have offered job opportunities to over 20,000 employees.

In recent months, OSI Food Solutions has taken measures to ensure that they are meeting the needs of the customers in all parts of the world. As such, they have been following food consumption data from regions where they are currently operating in to know whether there are any changes needed.

In 2016, the company started an expansion program that was to see some changes happen in the way the company produces its products in Spain. Through the food production plant based in Toledo, Spain, the company has managed to meet the need of the consumers in the region by increasing the food production capacity. The plant located in Toledo is now producing 24,000 tons of chicken products from the previous 12,000 tons annually. Through the expansion of this food plant, the company has also created opportunities for employees in this region. New 20 job vacancies were created raising the number of employees in this plant from 140 to 160.

Marc Beer is now the chairman of the Board at LumeNXT

Marc Beer has been appointed the chairman of the board of LumeNXT, a privately held company that is developing medical products. LumeNXT is creating an illumination product line that will make easy to perform surgical operations that need minimal invasive procedures. The addition of Beer into the leadership of this company is a great decision since he brings more than 25 years of experience in this industry. He has been in the industry long enough to understand what makes a medical startup successful. He has experience in the commercialization and development of technology that is in line with the needs of today’s market. He has also been in the pharmaceuticals and diagnostics departments where his leadership skills have been sharpened.


After his appointment by LumeNXT, Marc Beer praised the company for coming up with advanced technology in surgical illumination. This proprietary technology will come in handy in making safe surgical procedures. He believes that with this technology, it will now be possible to conduct numerous surgeries with minimally invasive methods. The advantages of this new technology from LumeNXT include better visualization, better flexibility, and precision as compared to other methods. These are some of the characteristics that the traditional illumination products lack. Learn more:


Marc Beer has performed very well with other companies where he has been in charge. He has worked with several startups before and has helped them to grow into reputable business organizations in the healthcare industry. His ability to start and help organizations to get a global presence as well as get into the path of profitability in the short term are some of the attributes that make Beer the best-suited person for the job at LumeNXT. His experience will ensure that the company performs better going forward.


Marc Beer has become a notable name in the healthcare industry due to his ability to create and guide startups. In a field where startups struggle to make a mark in the market, Beer has enabled all the startups he has initiated to perform far much better. In 2016, he started Renovia Inc., a startup based in Boston and which is producing diagnosis and treatment solutions for pelvic floor disorders.


Through Renovia Inc. Marc Beer targets to address a challenge that affects millions of women around the world. Pelvic floor disorders have been a huge challenge since no one has ever come up with a solution that will collect the most vital data needed to strengthen the muscles. Now, Renovia has created a product known as Leva digital health system that has been approved by the FDA. In just two years, this is now one of the best performing startups in the country. The performance is a confirmation of the strength that Marc Beer has as a business leader.

OSI Food Solutions is Committed to Giving the World What it Wants

As one of the biggest food product suppliers in the US, OSI Food Solutions has worked hard to earn a reputation that makes them the envy of the industry. With customers across industries, in various parts of the world, they recently expanded to meet that demand, growing their workforce to 20,000 and increasing their presence to 17 countries.

Big retailers and restaurant chains continue to partner with OSI Food Solutions to access good prices and products held to high standards to serve to their own customers. In maintaining this level of integrity, this large corporation allows smaller businesses to keep functioning without interruption of unnecessary prep time before the point of sale.

Toledo, Spain is just one such site that was part of the expansion effort. With the construction and restructuring complete, the facility doubled its output and increased its staff to meet the needs of Spanish businesses. Now there’s 24,000 tons of chicken being processed at this site, and the new facilities made it made possible to process 21,000 tons of pork and beef for the first time. With a new staff of 140 employees, businesses served by the Toledo site were able to satisfy an increased demand from customers for more of these products.

Part of the expansion at Toledo was a reduction in energy consumption, by about 20%. This is part of meeting the regulatory standards set by the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme and other safety organizations in Europe and Spain.

Meeting these standards of safety and keeping the public health in mind has been a relatively smooth process for OSI Food Solutions thanks to Dr. Kenneth Petersen. With a background in public health and veterinary medicine, the public and private sector, Dr. Petersen has experience from organizations like the USDA to know what it takes to make sure these animal byproducts are packaged and reach their destination in pristine condition.

For OSI Food Solutions, each customer is a business partner. That means forgoing catalogs that offers the same products and services regardless of the market and creating profiles for each customer so that they meet individual needs. That attention to detail means the company needs to stay abreast of research and development and emerging trends all over the world.