Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Leads in Advertising

For business, branding is an essential element. Branding defines the direction that a product will take in the industry. Branding gives business a marketing niche. There are many ways that advertising can raise the profile of business by strengthening the brand. For an individual to have a proper brand presentation, there must be a good brand manager through an advertising agency. That is where Jose Borghi comes in. Jose Borghi is an advertising mogul. He has carved a great name for himself in the advertising industry. Jose’s career currently revolves around advertising in his agency.

Mullen Lowe

One of the best ways to expose a business to the world is through finding a top ranking advertising agency. In Brazil, Mullen Lowe is a leading advertising agency thanks to the brains behind the management. Under the insightful leadership of Jose Borghi, the agency has established a firm client base because of the services it offers. From developing excellent brand names to selling the brand to the consumers, Mullen Lowe strikes out as a force to reckon with in the advertising world. The agency is prominent for providing top notch services that attract clients. With Jose Borghi as the president, Mullen Lowe has always delivered results to higher expectations than the clients. Jose has a unique way of understanding the demands of customers. He relives a customer’s expectations to reality.


One element that sets Mullen Lowe apart from the other advertising agencies is Jose’s ability to incorporate different ideas into one segment. Through this incorporation, it is easy to satisfy a client’s needs. Jose Borghi uses a diversified portfolio to meet the demands of a customer. He uses his team to identify the strengths of the brand. Through this identification, it becomes easy to brand the product. Aside from having a key attention to details, he uses foreign talent to bring out new ideas that can be used in branding.

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Meet inspirational Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager at Meriwether Group. At just 17 years old, the entrepreneur has greatly helped the Oregon based company achieve its mission. Sawyer works on changing businesses’ structure on commerce and helping the companies grow. This has enabled him develop several business skills such giving effective presentations, taking notes in important meetings and excelling spreadsheets mastery.

Sawyer Howitt joined the group in 2015 as a business strategy analyst. At that time, he worked with executives to enhance retail businesses of customers. In this capacity, Sawyer Howitt developed RFID, a similar technology to UPC codes, to speed up shopping checkout process. He is currently working on improving the technology to help businesses improve their operations and enhance the shopping experience of their customers.

Educational background

Sawyer Howitt studies at Lincoln High where he is also a successful racquetball player. He has membership of Portland Racquetball Club and regularly blogs about the sport and entrepreneurship. Sawyer is also a volunteer tutor in math and science. The young entrepreneur has been a director of many philanthropic companies that focus on creating opportunities for minorities. He has been a mentor of at-risk teenagers and completed many business internships.

To build his knowledge, he has enrolled for a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University this fall. His academic background and experience helps him understand what modern businesses need. He particularly appreciates the need for branding and marketing to build and maintain relationships with savvy consumers.


Sawyer Howitt is David Howitt’s son. The senior Howitt and Sawyer are well known entrepreneurs at the Meriwether Group. The group provides companies with services such as business acceleration, funding organizations with equity and exit strategy support. They assist the companies with branding by carrying out research to understand target markets, developing messages that will appeal to them and coming up with effective ways to deliver messages to the audiences. The organization also helps with optimization of businesses profits, development of strategies, and execution of the initiatives. Sawyer’s experience and educational background will make it easy for him to lead the company and continue his father’s legacy.


The Skills Of Brian Bonar Make Him An Accomplished Finance Executive

Most of the finance executives have the requisite skills and knowledge. But there are only a few who are as accomplished as Brian Bonar. This is because he has the right combination of hard skills, ample experience as well as an impressive portfolio.

These are the skills that are required by finance professional for leading any company in the right direction so that it remains stable and can sustain itself. A finance executive needs to be versatile too as each company will have a different kind of company culture. This can lead to a mutually beneficial arrangement. In fact, companies are looking ahead at conducting personality tests before appointing them in order to assess their personality traits better.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar fits well in all these aspects. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the financial sector. Currently, he is serving as the Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corp.

Brian Bonar is exclusively supervising various activities of the company. These include several employer and employee benefits along with aftermarket goods.

Dalrada Financial Corp offers a wide variety of employee products to its clients. These can help to enhance business productivity. The services here would include financial management, besides business management services for promotional activities. Next is risk management insurance besides various employee benefits.

Brian Bonar is also the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. This company is a market leader in developing color management software. It is also providing service for digital imaging hardware. Brian Bonar has made use of his leadership skills to transform his company from being a developer and turning it into a marketing organization. He has made use of strategic acquisition to expand the market for his company as it is now offering products as well as services too. Today ITEC is offering specific administrative services to its clients.

Brian Bonar has a finance leadership background. This is the solid foundation that has led to his formidable and exclusive career. There are certain personal traits as well as personal ideologies that have helped him to reach where he is today. He has flexibility in his leadership style. This is why he has been greatly successful in all the firms that he has headed till now.

Prior to ITEC, Brian Bonar was the CEO, CFO, as well as Treasurer, Secretary along with the Director of Trucept Inc. He is known to have made major changes here during his leadership. Before this, he was working with Adaptec Inc. in San Jose. This is a company that deals with laser printers. He was serving as the Vice President – Sales and Marketing with Rastek Corporation. Brian Bonar has also worked as the Executive Director of Engineering. This was for QMS.

Why George Street Photo & Video is Your Best Wedding Photographer

Some of the most stressful things to do as an adult is to plan a wedding. It is important that you get every aspect of the planning right so that the event is stress-free. When planning your wedding, you must consider getting a photographer for the day. There are many photographers in NYC alone but not all of them are good at what they do.

If you do not know where to start, simply look up George Street Photo and Video Address Locations. This is a company which has its branches in over 40 cities in the country. Their New York City branch serves the city and its environs.

At George Street Photo & Video, you do not have to be overwhelmed about everything. Their wedding consultants have the right advice when it comes to lighting, color scheme and even shooting venues. Book an appointment with the professionals and consider the hard part done!

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Yanni Hufnagel Makes a Difference Across College Basketball Teams

Yanni Hufnagel has made a stunning career as an assistant men’s basketball coach in several universities. The secret of his success lies in listening to and understanding potential recruits, then get them to see the positives behind joining his squad.


Harvard University, where Yanni Hufnagel started his assistant coaching career, might be better known for churning out lawyers and businessmen than basketball players. He was credited for developing two star players, Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders, and in the four years that he was at the school, the Crimson saw some of their best years ever and were 90-30 in the win/loss column.


Yanni Hufnagel then went on to become the assistant coach at Vanderbilt, under Kevin Stallings. There, the two coaches worked together and developed the 29th best 2014 recruiting class. After one season, he switched to UC-Berkeley. At Berkeley, Hufnagel was instrumental in recruiting the two players who would become the stars of the 2016 NCAA Tournament Berth team, Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb. Finally, he spent a season as a member of the Nevada Wolfpack.


His role as a talented Jewish basketball coach did not go unnoticed in the broader American Jewish community. In July 2013, Yanni Hufnagel became the coach of Team USA at the 19th Maccabiah Games in Israel and led the team of young Jewish basketball stars to a Gold. Even there, his ability to find and hone young talent was apparent. One of his players, Spencer Weisz was named MVP and later played for Princeton and became the 2017 Ivy League Basketball Player of the Year.


His skills as an assistant basketball coach and recruiter have brought Hufnagel a great deal of success over his career. He is known for his talent at public speaking and the high energy style of coaching that young players love.


Securus Technologies – A Pioneer in Jail and Correctional Facilities Technology

Securus Technologies offer superior and revolutionary solutions to its clients that are relevant and evolving to meet the needs of today’s world. The prison and correctional facilities rely heavily on technology to make their premises secured. Securus Technologies help them by giving them relevant software and tools that are easy to use and reliable. Securus technologies have customer service system that is available to its customers 24 hours and 365 days a year. All of their technicians are skilled and knowledgeable and can solve any issues that their customer might have within a matter of minutes.


The growing customer base of Securus Technologies is a proof of the service that they are offering and how people are recognizing the importance of adapting technology to the prisons and correctional facilities for better management of the premises. These tools and software also work towards catching criminals and preventing money laundering that has been increasing in many jails because of corrupt officials. Securus Technologies make it easier for these corrupt officials to be caught and also make prisons crime free area. The company also have around 150 service team members who are always ready to solve any issues that their customers might have. These are located nearby to their client’s location so that they are easily reachable.


There was once instance in our jail when their software was down due to heavy rains and after repeated trying I was not able to solve it myself. It was during this time that I called their customer support. I was stunned to see their service members arrive within a few minutes and brought back the software up. If there would have been a delay, there might be a big problem in the premise. But the problem was dealt professionally by the Securus Technologies team, and I would be heavily debt to them for this.



Essentials Appertaining of Sawyer Howitt’s Entrepreneurial Causes

Sawyer is a young and energetic entrepreneur possessing a keen ability to evaluate the operational and economic needs of an organization. His ability to resonate and link with the customers is equally unmatched. He is always ready to handle issues ranging from elegant presentations to simple spreadsheet records.

Precisely, Mr. Sawyer Howitt does not consider any task hard for him. The second semester senior unifies analytics and artistry, which significantly drives his daily endeavors. Despite his tender age, Howitt knows so much that he can also serve as an efficient customer care agent. His commitment to entrepreneurship most likely runs from his father’s blood. His father, David Howitt, is equally a remarkable businessperson. At one point Meriwether Group struck gold with David for his reliability, and it is expected that they will hit another with his son, Sawyer Howitt.

Sawyer Howitt’s Position in Charitable Pursuits

Sawyer Howitt is an amazing figure when it comes to philanthropy. There are a variety of charitable foundations that he supports. Most of the organizations that Sawyer bankrolls are inclined towards educational aiding and avowal of women rights. At his age, there are several instances when he assumed administrative internships as well as assisted in mentoring troubled youths. It is during his term at Kure juice bars that he learned about excellent customer service.

Click here to learn more about Sawyer Howitt.


It is amazing to learn what Sawyer Howitt can do. His leadership skills are honed, and his capability assured. In simple terms, he is a wonderful business figure in the making. Having a background in athletics is one of the things that remind Sawyer of the essence of acceleration.



Lori Senecal Makes Money When Her Clients Make Money

One of the best types of businesses to be in is to make money when clients make money. This is the type of company that Lori Senecal is in. She makes money when other people make money. Therefore, their success is her success. This is one thing that has inspired her to take on the industry of advertising. She has learned how to market herself and convince people as to why they need her. They have accepted her help and have benefited greatly from the campaigns that she has created for them. The marketing is a great representative of the businesses of the clients.

One of the best things that Lori does when it comes to her marketing campaigns is that she focuses on the specific aspects of the company that need to be advertised. When it comes to the new product, she focuses on the advantages of having that new product such as the features that come with it. In an article by Adage, her clients also learn something valuable about advertising. This is one of the best things about Lori Senecal’s approach to advertising. She makes sure that people understand what is going on in the activities. After all, people need to know how things are done for their business so that they can have a shot at bringing forth their own results.

The biggest part of running a business is taken care of by Lori Senecal. Therefore, business owners can focus on the other aspects of their company that can get in the way of their marketing if they were to try to attempt it on their own. For one thing, large businesses always need a lot of help in order to move forward in success. They also need to have something working in a short amount of time so that they will be able to thrive.

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Details Concerning Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is an investment advisory enterprise providing services to a broad range of clients. Some of them include the wealthy individuals, families, as well as small business owners operating within Austin area and its outskirts. In their operations, they are always keen in market analysis. They have to assess the current state of affairs, considering that the financial markets keep on experiencing changes. It is from the company that the clients experience effective banking remedies. As per WSI, the organizations must be ready to adapt to the changes made to the financial markets. As you invest with them, they also ensure plans that mitigate the levels of probable risks. Most people want to age gracefully, having the assurance of preserved wealth to service their latter days. As such, WSI protects their clients by promising steady retirement returns. In such a case they are also able to leave behind wealth for their heirs.



Essential Information About the Leadership of Wealth Solutions, Inc.



Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., and his knowledge of the financial markets is to die for. Richard is a duly registered financial advisor. He possesses experience of over two decades in the financial services. In his initiatives, Richard inclines his knowledge towards education. The greatest drive that burns within him is to transform the lives of individuals, families, as well as enterprise owners. As for him, education goes a long way in impacting the confidence of an individual. Probably it happens because he has grown in a family of teachers. His mother, wife, and grandmothers were professional teachers.



Richard Blair’s Career Background



Richard is naturally gifted in providing financial assistance. Upon graduating from college, Blair concentrated on honing his skills in the financial sector. That was in 1993, and it did not take him long before founding Wealth Solutions in 1994. His devotion to the economic causes is unmatched. His clients know him as a selfless man. Richard Blair understands that there is a significant gap between retirement planning and implementation. As such, he commits to helping such people bridge the gap. When it comes to the area of retirement planning, Blair’s skills are perfectly honed.






Most people are skeptical about performing what they desire. In old age especially, one might not have an idea whether or not to opt for the plan. There are so many pitfalls to avoid while at it. Richard Blair is an ideal professional to guide you through.

Mike Heiligenstein, Offering Solutions To Austin Through The CTRMA

Mike Heiligenstein is one of Austin’s most distinguished members in the field of transportation. As of right now, Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority, or CTRMA as they are more commonly referred to as. Mike has been the pioneer behind some of the city’s most ambitious projects. Under his command, the CTRMA has significantly contributed to the growth of infrastructure in the city, which has helped ease the strain on the roads caused by enormous amounts of migration to Austin.

Every year thousands of people come to Austin in search of a better life. This has, however, put a lot of strain on the transportation facilities which have already been built in the city. Mike Heiligenstein, while working with the CTRMA has made multiple efforts to better the traffic scene in the city, to make it more favorable for the people.

Mike Heiligenstein has an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the current situation of transportation in the city. He is regarded as one of the most remarkable individuals in the sector and is highly respected in the field. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

According to Crunchbase, one of the more well-known projects that Mike Heiligenstein has taken on in the past was for the toll booths in the city. He was behind the CTRMA’s plan to transform all the toll booths in the city, to convert them into more modern and digitized ones to reduce the strain on the roads in Austin.

He was also the person who came up with the idea of implementing toll lanes in the city to reduce the traffic that happens as a result of the sheer increasing amount of cars and people who own them.

By coming up with segregated roads, individuals who want a faster ride on their commute can opt to take these paid toll roads, as opposed to the standard ones who levy no charge. By filtering out the capacity of people who travel on these roads, Mike Heiligenstein has been able to provide the city with practical solutions that have helped ease the problems that they had earlier regarding the transportation in the city.

In the past, Mike Heiligenstein has worked with numerous transportation authorities, offering his expertise in the field. He has been a member of various transportation boards and been an active member of organizations like the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association to name a few.